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A Book Review

Dominionism! available HERE

Reviewed by Sarah H. Leslie

How Unbiblical Action Can Change The Churches

A book authored by Dr. Orrel Steinkamp and Sandy Simpson

Dominionism is the idea of building a paradise on earth. It is zealously espoused by both the political Right and the political Left, and each side agitates with a religious fervor for their versions of the cause. Dominionism claims to save the earth, not individual souls in need of redemption by Jesus Christ. In order to achieve its utopian goals, Dominionism believes that the ends justify the means. Dominionist leaders are intent on transforming political, social, religious and cultural institutions in order to foment their revolution. They champion new and old forms of totalitarianism to attain results. Their final solution is planetary transformation. Various Christian and New Age versions of Dominionism include the idea of mankind achieving godhood, thus perfecting the planet, and they've shown they are willing to work together, converging their politics. But in the process you will have to give up your rights and freedoms.

Given the significant increase in Dominionism as a religious force for transformation in society, the recent book Dominionism! published by Sandy Simpson at Deception in the Church is timely and needed.

Full disclosure: There are several chapters in this book Dominionism! that were authored by me. Also I was supposed to have assisted in the editing of this book; however family life circumstances the past few years kept me from being able to work on this project. Furthermore, Dr. Steinkamp and I originally intended to publish our six-part article series, either as 6 more chapters in this manuscript or as its own book(let). These six articles remain published as posts on Herescope and they supplement the information contained in the book Dominionism!:

Part 1: The PASSION of the PRESENCE & the Purpose of the Passion:  
Part 2: “Presence” Eschatology  
Part 3: Bridal Eschatology 
Part 4: The Perfectly Obedient Bride  
Part 5: The 2nd Coming of the “Presence” 
Part 6: The Battled Bride  

C. Peter Wagner letter, August 20, 2007

Dominionism! Described

The Preface of Dominionism! states that "the title and cover art of this work are a play off of the book by C. Peter Wagner," the chief "apostle" who set up the New Apostolic Reformation movement (NAR) several decades ago. In 2008 Wagner published his book with its audacious and aggressive dominion agenda for the Christian church aptly titled Dominion! How Kingdom Action Can Change the World. Wagner spelled out a radical political, religious and social transformation agenda. His landmark book set up the blueprint for a unique form of Church Dominionism he called "building the 7 Mountains" (see graphic above) that described the Church taking over "7 spheres" of culture. This agenda that would go on to shape the evangelical church world with its potent leaven for the next decade.

Incredibly, in retrospect we note that C. Peter Wagner got a free pass from the Christian media, the mainstream media, and so-called conservative church leaders in the evangelical world who all should have opposed him. Rather, by the time Wagner published his book Dominion! most of evangelicaldom was already being seduced by the doctrines and practices of Dominionism. Who wrote about C. Peter Wagner, warning about his agenda? A handful of Leftists who were concerned about his overt political agenda, and a handful of online discernment ministries such as DITC. That's it!

Wagner's book
The two authors of the book Dominionism! have been lifelong missionaries. They both served as key apologists in the discernment world: Sandy Simpson of Deception in the Church and Dr. Orrel Steinkamp of Plumbline Ministries. These two men monitored the rise of C. Peter Wagner and his cohort of "apostles and prophets" for the past three decades and issued many warnings about their findings. I first became acquainted with them in the 1990s when our mutual friend, the late researcher Ed Tarkowski, set up the first Internet discussion loop on discernment issues.

During that time we were all observing the formative years of the New Apostolic Reformation. C. Peter Wagner had just connected the "Kansas City Prophets" with John Wimber. Promise Keepers and the Toronto and Brownsville laughing phenomena were all taking off. These groups were coalescing and spinning new theologies. There was a flagrant exuberance as the old Pentecostals crossed over to become full-fledged adherents to the Charismatic movement, complete with its "signs and wonders" and claims of health and wealth. Ordinary evangelical church folks began succumbing to many of these teachings, especially via the indoctrination of the evangelical media and music industry. Calling this larger movement "the River," the stated goal of its leaders was to flood their heresies into every denomination and church group, thereby "breaking down the walls." Musical lyrics took on Dominionist themes and pretty soon young people were singing new doctrines. Bethel became a household word. This dissemination of corrupt theology is how the leaven of the New Apostolic Reformation infiltrated most of the church world. It was wildly successful.

The history of this movement is important. Dominionism! explains both the roots and the fruits of the modern-day Dominionism. As the book notes,

many churches have already been changed by accepting the false teachings that constitute Dominionism.... Dominionism is one of the "footholds" the enemy has in the churches today.... Churches need to be made aware that the precepts of Dominionism have made their way into every gateway left unguarded by Christian leaders. Those gateways include much worship music, many Bible study programs, a number of online sermon notes, many women's meeting study guides, some available youth programs, magazines put out by Word of Faith and New Apostolic sources, ecumenical prayer efforts, and of course "Christian" TV.
(Deception in the Church website)

To compile this book Sandy Simpson carefully selected key writings that he and Dr. Steinkamp authored during the time period that the dominion agenda unfolded. These articles have been turned into chapters for Dominionism! The chapters represent both describe the heresy and contrast it to biblical doctrine. Key concepts such as Kingdom Now, spiritual warfare, the Word-Faith connection, eschatology, and signs and wonders are explained and refuted.

Dominionism! serves as a handy overview. The concerned reader who really wants to get to the historical meat of the matter will want to use this book as a research tool to delve into the many Internet articles and posts that are cited. Unfortunately, the hyperlinks don't carry over, but it is possible to search out the referenced material and footnotes to find more reading. Most of these chapters have been previously published online which makes this process easier.

The Truth:
Sandy Simpson sums up the crux of the problem in his Conclusion:
The true work of world evangelism is basically over, having occurred from the mid 1850's through the mid 1950's. What has been happening since then is a apostatizing of Biblical truth accompanied by a shoveling in of all kinds of heresies to fill the void. When an organization takes the Gospel out of the equation, it will, as has been observed, try to fill that void with programs and ideas of saving the planet and taking over everything for Christ.

"And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven,
having the everlasting Gospel
to preach unto them that dwell on the earth,
and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people.
Saying with a loud voice,
'Fear God, and give glory to Him;
for the hour of His judgment is come:
and worship Him that made heaven, and earth,
and the sea, and the fountains of waters.'"

(Revelation 14:6-7)

The book Dominionism! can be acquired HERE.

For further reading see the key article "7 Mountain Politics and Theology" and follow the many article links.

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A Man and his Angel

A Book Review 

Read the book HERE

Reviewed by Sarah H. Leslie

A Man and His Angel -
A Biblical Examination of William Branham's Practices and Teachings:
A Compendium of the Prophet's Legac

A book authored by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries

It is time to shed light on the life and teachings of one of the past century's most notorious and influential heretics, William Branham, whose bad theological leaven has now permeated much of the church world. For many long decades the evangelical media establishment elite has ignored the writings of good discernment experts warning about this man. The evangelical media elite has systematically worked to avoid dealing with his key doctrinal heresies that have influenced generations of evangelical church-goers. Worse, they've lauded the leaders teaching his heresies with high profile accolades, provided them tons of positive press, even propelling them to stardom. Mega-buck$ were made by all.

The evangelical establishment publishing industry has unwaveringly declined to publish high quality discerning books or articles. Thus solid ministries like Mike Oppenheimer's Let Us Reason Ministries have resorted to publishing their own books. This highly esteemed evangelical class of elites frequently states that we only need to preach the truth. They base this on the claim that their preaching is enough, that people in their pews can "figure it out" about false teachers on their own. This flimsy, unbiblical excuse enables pastors to ignore their charge to warn precious sheep about hungry wolves roaming in the flock. Especially they fail to name the wolves by name.

In sum, the evangelical media establishment elite has not only promoted the false teachings that began with Branham but, worse, they have failed to provide a platform to those who would warn about him. This has been a recipe for disaster. False teachers like William Branham have gotten a free pass for so many generations that his bad leaven has now permeated much of the church world. Most people in the pews have never heard of William Branham, nor have they ever heard a warning about him. But it is likely that he affects their faith, their music, their popular Christian books and their favorite teachers on the conference circuits.

The Poison of Branham's Leaven
It is a privilege to refer our readership to a book by longtime researcher, Mike Oppenheimer. We first became acquainted with Mike during the 1990s when the late Ed Tarkowski formed the first Internet discernment research and discussion loop. Mike's detailed book is a treasure trove documenting the complete history and beliefs of William Branham. It is a perfect book for those who want to do in-depth research on Branham. Once and for all Branham -- his crazy behavior, controversial history, strange personal life and aberrant beliefs -- has been nailed to the wall effectually and with great attention to accuracy. Here is a brief summary of the book's significance:

In the history of modern healing ministries one person stands out more than any other, William Branham. Over fifty years after his death there are few men that continue to influence the Church and today’s modern healing ministries. Branham’s influence is more extensive today than in his day when he was alive.
William Branham is the main influence for the Latter Rain movement in the late 1940’s that infected so many Pentecostals. He left us the legacy of the healing revivals and signs and wonders, he is also one of the primary sources of the “river” that is flowing today that is the resurgence of the Latter Rain movement....
What you will find in this book is that so many of the errors Branham taught and practiced have been adopted and have become the errors in the church today. Many have no idea that the Word Faith, Latter Rain Third Wave teachers are following in the footsteps of William Branham. This book makes it clear where their teachings and practices come from.

In reading through A Man and his Angel, the section on "The Many Healing Ways; The Operation of Occultism" is particularly devastating to Branham's image of being a Christian.

Branham taught a blend of Kabbalah, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Mysticism and Gnosticism. All of it was presented wrapped in Christian terminology to the people. Branham was a man deep into the occult arts. And they called him great, having the power of God, much as they did Simon [Magnus] in Acts 8:9-12.... (p. 280)
Branham's Mysticism
The story of William Branham is intertwined with the earliest history of the Pentecostal movement. The reader goes back in time to the earliest decades of the Pentecostal movement when doctrines and practices were chaotic and unfiltered. Mike Oppenheimer has tackled the topic head-on with a definitive history on the life of Branham. His book is a formidable compilation of documentation on not only the life of Branham but all of the people, places and events that influenced his bizarre theology. Oppenheimer does a good job of contrasting truth with the error, so the reader is not just getting Branham’s heresies but also receiving good biblical teaching that refutes it.

This book is a fascinating history of Branham’s life which divulges obscure details. Branham arose to fame during the early decades in the last century where cults were abounding, replete with unusual doctrines and strange practices. Many claimed to be in contact with the spirit world, and some asserted that angels taught them new doctrines. One of the chief doctrines being altered was the concept of the Trinity, or Godhead. This gave rise to heresies such as Oneness, Jesus Only, Adoptionism, etc. Another doctrine was the idea that the church as Christ’s Bride was coming to maturity and could gain dominion over the earth; i.e., Dominionism. Since the 1980s these teachings have had a massive resurgence, adapting to the times and becoming widespread throughout the church world. Only a handful of discernment ministries warned about this onslaught, including Mike Oppenheimer at his Let Us Reason website.

By all accounts Branham was extremely erratic and eccentric. Branham retold his story multiple times throughout his life and this book exposes the extraordinary inconsistencies in his own testimony. One day he would state one thing, another day he would say something totally contradictory. He would exaggerate and inflate facts, often to absurd excess. Something was not right with the man – either he was intentionally lying or he had serious cognitive problems. He was indeed spiritually reprobate.

The historical records documented in A Man and his Angel quickly stack up to indicate that Branham told different stories depending on the group he was addressing. He put forth many wildly different account about how he became "spirit" filled, for example. He was prone to gross exaggeration, and frequently puffed up his spiritual experiential credentials, especially when describing his extrasensory  experiences with lights, tongues, angels, etc.

Many of Branham’s mystical beliefs seemed to come straight out of the occult, especially Theosophy. His views even paralleled certain aspects of Mormonism. He believed in an evolution that took trillions of years, not the biblical account in Genesis. Branham got the plain Bible account of the Creation all mixed up and obsessed on varying revisions of the Creation story throughout his life, often making wild claim about earth’s and man’s origins. He believed in a spiritual evolution where God created androgynous male and females.

In fact, Branham had a horrible view of women, that “every sin that ever was on the Earth was caused by a woman… the very lowest creature on the Earth.” (p. 249) It even gets downright creepy as he obsesses that women are sinfully beautiful because “Satan designed her.” “She is designed, alone, for filth and unclean living.” (p. 250)


Branham's Dominionism
Other Branham beliefs were also peculiar:

“God wrote three Bibles: one, the Zodiac, one in the pyramids, one on paper.” (53-0509, The Pillar of Fire, Bible Hour Tabernacle, Jonesboro, AR). (p. 197)

He was also panentheistic:

“God is in nature. God is in His church. God is just all around.” (58-0302, Door To The Heart, Memorial Auditorium, Chattanooga, TN) (p. 198) 

Branham held to a curious belief that Jesus was dead in his mother’s womb until He was born, not unlike what was taught in ancient Gnosticism. In fact, he believed that all babies were spirits until born. Obviously such a belief would contribute to the modern-day abortion argument. Here is just one of many examples of Branham’s outrageous statements:

“that unborn children are not alive until they take their first breath. “You say, ‘Oh, it’s alive!’ No, it isn’t! That’s little nerves jerking, muscles.… The baby hasn’t received life till it’s born.” (Seven Church Ages, pp. 275-286.) (p. 204) 

Branham’s Gnostic teachings included the idea that men have pre-existent spirits, not unlike Karma in Hinduism, telling folks that a “little angel, little spirit… comes into the body” of a baby. (p. 216) and that “And then, first, man was made, he was a spiritman, in the image of God.”(p. 254) In fact, he egotistically proclaimed he himself was pre-existent “with Moses at the burning bush,” saw the Red Sea parted, and was with John the Baptist and Lazarus and in the Upper Room! (p. 229)

Branham also taught that “When God made man in His image, He made him a theophany. And He only placed him in flesh....”(p. 255) Mike Oppenheimer explains that theophany literally means God appearance, i.e., a god, which is taught by both the occult and cults:

To say Adam was made spirit, a theophany first and is God (before he was made from the earth) clearly is heresy. This where we find all the Word Faith teachings based on today.
According to Branham the soul and the spirit of man are the same and they are God. Adam was then God in the flesh.(p. 255) 

Worse, Branham, talking to Pentecostals, told them “each one of you is a creator,” “ye are gods,’” and “man himself is Deity.” Oppenheimer observes that “here Branham introduces the ‘manifest sons of God’ teaching that was incorporated in the Latter Rain movement, which in our generation has given rise to the New Apostolic Reformation. (p. 265) Branham’s taught that since God made man a god, “he gave him a dominion, and he had rulership” over the earth (p. 270). This is the seedbed of Branham’s dominionism. It is this view that has so totally permeated large segments of the evangelical church world today.

Branham said he had a supernatural birth replete with signs and wonders. He made the preposterous claim that he had seen visions in the womb, at eighteen months old, and at 3 years old, and then “tens of thousands of visions,” “hundreds of thousands of visions,” and “thousands times thousands of visions.” (p. 227-228) The fact that statements like this are bizarre on their face should have set off red flags. But to this day many in the church follow Branham's heretical precepts without any clue as to the occult origins of his heresies.

Oppenheimer points out that Branham’s beliefs were highly influential and notes how remarkable similiarities can be seen in the aberrant Word-Faith doctrines of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin. The reader of A Man and his Angel will find extraordinary parallels to modern-day teachings promulgated by huge segments of the evangelical church. It is a devastating fact that the evangelical elite has so nearly totally ignored this foundational issue within its own ranks. This book ought to be required reading in every seminary ministerial class!

Another Gospel
A Man and his Angel explains how William Branham taught another gospel, not the Gospel of salvation of Jesus Christ. The book summarized with the following warning to readers:
So we see that Branham taught man is a spirit in the form of man, pre-existed along with the angels (Which is when he said God made in his image and likeness Gen.1:26) before he made man out of the ground. Branham claims that man was made as a god. 

As we can see Branham often had a different interpretation than the Bible’s explanation on nearly everything that is called essential teaching. If one claims to be under the inspiration of God but says things contrary to God, denying his nature or person, then they are not anointed by God, they are NOT a prophet of God. And they should not be promoted as one but instead avoided for the spiritual safety and welfare of the church. Considering the acceptance of Branham’s doctrine through others we are in a dangerous point of church history because of his teachings spreading through those enamored with spiritual power. (p. 280)

"For there must be also heresies among you,
that they which are approved
may be made manifest among you."

(1 Corinthians 11:19)

To read A Man and his Angel go to For those who are concerned with modern-day errors in the church, this book is a must-have for your library.

For further reading, see Also see: Our Herescope blog has written numerous articles covering the history and theology of William Branham, including:

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And We’ve Got the Evangelicals…

Why Mark Galli Doesn't Speak For Me

“ the intent that the living may know
that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men,
and giveth it to whomsoever He will,
and setteth up over it the basest of men.”

(Daniel 4:17b)

An editorial by Pastor Jim Jenkins

We have short memories. Those who make a living creating narratives bank on this fact. In following the current politically-charged impeachment drama, I have been struck by the fact that the co-opting of language and the bastardization of the meanings of words has the effect of bringing about harmful cognitive dissonance in those whose sensitivities are assaulted by the barrage.

It has become painfully clear that those attempting to impeach the President are using tactics which are spelled out in the book Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. Alinsky’s methods key off the fact that most folks have a sense of fair play and at least a modicum of respect for one another. His tactics call for ruthless pragmatic ‘whatever works’ bullying. Facts be damned, the object is to throw the opponent into confusion and once they are on their heels — to use whatever means necessary to destroy. David Horowitz is spot on in this observation:

Stigmatizing one’s opponent is a classical radical tactic. It is the thirteenth rule of Saul Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.” Attack your opponents personally and cut them off from any possibility of sympathy. That is why radicals paint their opponents as homophobes, xenophobes, and Islamophobes. They’re not just good-but-misguided people whose religious convictions have led them to a contrasting viewpoint. They are bad people possessed by irrational fears of “the others” because they are different.”[1]

Recently Mark Galli, the outgoing Editor in Chief of Christianity Today, published an opinion piece in which he called for the removal of Donald Trump. As happens with alarming frequency, this author used his platform to speak for ‘The Evangelicals’. He claims to have only run it by a few people before publishing what he knew would start a firestorm. He justifies his haste in an interview with The Atlantic’s Emma Green 

Green: Were there people at CT who knew you were going to write this editorial who cautioned you away from it? 

Galli: No, because really, only three people saw it before it went up. Ted Olsen is a longtime companion at CT. Anything important I make sure he goes over with a fine-toothed comb, and then of course my President — anything of such a sensitive nature that might affect the entire ministry I let him look at and comment on. I’m about to retire on January 3rd so I did not want to do something that would explode in such a way that would make his life and the life of the incoming editor in chief unnecessarily hard… so I showed it to him and said, If you have concerns, let’s talk and his only concerns were to add some additional paragraphs that made it a stronger editorial.[2] 

So much of the national conversation about ‘The Evangelicals’ is based, I feel, on a gross stigmatization of Christians who fit into the pigeon-hole category progressives have created. This mis-categorization is based on a construct fabricated by the same people who make a living creating political narratives. In other words, political operatives have co-opted the term evangelical and created a profile of this group as a bloc of voters that suits the progressive metanarratives — that in turn support positions and causes that many Bible believing conservative believers would never espouse. 

Galli, in a previous article, expressed his dismay that people he identifies as evangelicals could ever vote for Trump:

...most evangelical Christians like me exclaimed, ‘who are these people?’ I know hardly anyone let alone any evangelical Christian who voted for Trump. I describe evangelicals like me as ‘elite’ evangelicals…and this class of evangelicals has discovered that we have family members so different that seem like aliens in our midst. These other evangelicals often haven’t finished college, and if they have jobs (and apparently a lot of them don’t) they are blue collar jobs or entry level work. They don’t write books or give speeches and they don’t attend conferences of evangelicals or social justice or evangelicals for immigration reform. They are deeply suspicious of mainstream media. A lot of them voted for Donald Trump.[3] 

Perhaps you remember the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. Southern border during the Obama administration. Heart wrenching film footage showed children from Central America who braved the rapists the coyotes and the rigors of a dangerous trek and showed up at the border. However, in ginning up support for basically ignoring current immigration law, the President gave an informal ‘presser’ at the White House He didn’t hide his contempt for anyone who opposed his bypassing the law and using executive orders to accomplish his agenda. 

“I don’t know what the problem is… law enforcement is onboard with this… The military is onboard… then he wet his lips, paused for effect and concluded AND WE’VE GOT THE EVANGELICALS…” 

Something about the way he said “We’ve got the evangelicals” struck me as significant. I did some research and what I found troubled me. Obama's White House had ‘reached out’ years before to select, self-described evangelical leaders and organizations which came to be known as The Evangelical Immigration Table

Screen shot  from page posted 6/22/13*

One of the Founders was Jim Wallis a former card carrying communist and fellow community organizer from Obama’s Chicago days. (Think Jeremiah Wright, Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers.) The group Wallis founded is called Sojourners. The Evangelical Immigration Table is an impressive group with members like World Vision, Catholic Charities, The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (Russell Moore) and Leith Anderson, the retiring president of the National Association of Evangelicals… to name a few.**

They were organizing years before the crisis at the border to facilitate the illegal dismantling of immigration laws — all under the banner of Christian social justice. A powerful complicit media ignored troubling evidence of the dangerous side of what was occurring at the border. A 45-minute documentary titled The Stranger was commissioned by the Evangelical Immigration Table and released in 2014. In 2016 Trump ran in large part to address the crisis at the border, and the move to de-legitimize his presidency began before it started.

I have asked numerous Christian leaders over the past 6 years if they ever heard of the Evangelical Immigration Table. No one responded in the affirmative and they were surprised when I pointed out the number of influential national and international entities which had signed on to the progressive agenda proffered by this organization… all in the name of The Christian Response… and ‘The Evangelicals’.

Has there ever been an accounting of where those children who got into the country went? The short answer is that they were relocated and dispersed around the country by groups that received grant money from the federal government and funding from… ready for it?… George Soros! Originally Wallis lied and denied any funding from Soros found its way to Sojourners. Later he ‘walked it back’ and acknowledged that yes, Soros was involved. 

Baptist Press rigorously denied any Soros involvement. 

Baptist Press published a demonstrably false report today claiming that George Soros did not fund The Evangelical Immigration Table. However, the likes of Eric Metaxas, The National Review, The Institute of Religion and Democracy and a host of other conservatives report the truth—that Soros funded The National Immigration Forum and the and the National Immigration Forum funded the Evangelical Immigration Table.[4] 

Claiming to speak for ‘The Evangelicals’ is at once a credential to ensure national media coverage, and a get out of jail free card…  depending who makes the claim. I was struck by the absence of coverage of Franklin Graham’s denunciation of the Christianity Today hit piece.***

That politicians trot out the Bible and their religious affiliation when it suits them is not new. Nancy Pelosi is a devout Catholic when impeaching a duly elected president but, curiously, her faith religion doesn’t come up when infanticide is normalized by her Planned Parenthood allies. 

That powerful leaders seek out and sometimes manipulate so called Spiritual Counselors is well known. What is not inevitable however is that Bible believing conservative Christians must acquiesce to this pigeon-holing. I wonder how the average Christian in the pew would feel if they knew their tithes were being bundled with Soros’ money to bring down the United States as we know it. 

Christianity Today does not speak for me.**** The National Association of Evangelicals does not speak for me. Jim Wallis and George Soros do not speak for me. I have a Bible. I believe that the Holy Spirit can guide me in my thinking on the thorny issues of our times. 

I am not a ‘deplorable,’ but I am a sinner. 

I am not ‘clinging to my guns and my religion’. I am clinging to my Savior Who is the same… yesterday, today… and forever. 

They may indeed have ‘got’ ‘The Evangelicals’… but they haven’t ‘got’ me.

“Be watchful,
and strengthen the things which remain,
that are ready to die:
for I have not found thy works perfect
before God.

(Revelation 3:2)

1. Horowitz, David, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America (Humanix Books, West Palm Beach Florida, 2018),  p.164. Citing Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals (New York: Vintage, 1989), p. 130. Bold added.
2. Emma Green, "How Trump Lost an Evangelical Stalwart," The Atlantic, December 19, 2019,
3. This statement is quoted in an article titled "Trump, Franklin Graham, 8 other evangelicals react to Christianity Today's call to remove president," Leonardo Blair, The Christian Post, January 29, 2019. /news/trump-franklin-graham-8-other-evangelicals-react-to-christianity-todays-call-to-remove-president.html Note that this is a very offensive mis-characterization. 
4. Capstone Report Commentary on Politics and Religion, January 9, 2020, Red in original. Red in original. 

Editor's Notes: There is a disturbing increase in the polarization of American evangelicals within the context of these political and media-driven narratives of current events. The message that gets lost is the Gospel. It is a sad fact that for decades leading evangelicals have been working both sides of the political spectrum for both profit and power. It is also a sad fact that most evangelicals in America do not know what their leaders are up to -- and one big reason why is because the mainstream evangelical publications like Christianity Today have ignored reporting on serious concerns and failed to delve into unsavory facts. In this blog's history we have written hundreds of articles detailing both the political Right and political Left agenda for Dominionism. Pastor Jim Jenkins' post is an indication of the extent to which this polarization in leadership, and who is funding whom and for what motive, is now affecting the church itself. In our ongoing article series, "Anti-Semitism and the Rise of Techno-Media Imperialism" we document the rise of "Big Media Narratives" and their harm not only to Christians but also to Jews and other ethnic and religious minorities.  See "Civic Church Anti-Semitism": 
*See "The Evangelical Immigration Table Exposed As Another Soros Front," June 5, 2013,
**See Michelle Horstman, "The Faux Conservative Evangelicals Fighting for Immigration Reform," PJ Media, 4/23/14, Note that one of the top New Apostolic Reformation "apostles" Samuel Rodriguez is prominently pictured in this article. His role has always been to merge Left and Right Dominionism. We've published many articles about him on Herescope.
***See an article published in The New Yorker, which talks about Franklin Graham's public reaction. The article is by Michael Luo titled "What It Would Take for Evangelicals to Turn on President Trump," Dec. 23, 2019 (Source). This article offensively mischaracterizes all evangelicals as white racists! 
****See the excellent article describing what Christianity Today actually believes, published by Lighthouse Trails Research and titled "Christianity Today: 'We are theologically conservative... committed to the glory of God."--CT History Shows Differently," 1/7/20, Note that many of the articles warning about these trends were published by good fact-based discernment ministries over the years. But we were all totally ignored by "mainstream" elitist evangelical publications such as CT. See especially the late Pastor Ken Silva's excellent research website Apprising Ministries where many of the personnel and issues discussed in this post are highly documented:

Dr. Jim Jenkins is the author of Fatal Drift: Is the Church Losing Its Anchor? (Deep River Books, 2014). For related reading see: and also read