Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christian Imperialism: Update #3 Cell Model

From one can order "THE FUTURE CHURCH: Lions in the Pews" by David Bradshaw, who is connected with James Rutz. Information gleaned from the website description provide more examples of the dominionist thought. This dominionism was explained in an article entitled "Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism," posted at last week.

In particular, this website is a case in point of the DISinformation that is being fed to evangelical Christians. It exemplifies the deconstruction/reconstruction model of building the "kingdom" on Earth. Here are a few key examples:

1. It is claimed that the kingdom must be built by using a CELL CHURCH MODEL:

"Scientists tell us that every cell in our body carries in it two DNA codes; one code to bring the cell to maturity and reproduction, and another code to bring the cell into harmony and integration with the entire organism. It's part of God's natural design.

"So it is in the spiritual realm. God has placed within every member of the body of Christ an individual destiny of maturity and reproduction and a corporate destiny to integrate with the whole body. This organism, the body of Christ, is called to conform to the head, King Jesus Christ, and then to transform the world into the image of His Kingdom."

2. It is claimed the old church model (also referred to as "wineskins" by some) was ineffective, inefficient and must be DECONSTRUCTED:

"Today, a growing number of church leaders in America are talking about decentralizing, de-professionalizing and de-institutionalizing the church. The rise of the house-church, cell-church, meta-church, open-church and church-planting movements are just an indication of the growing level of discontent with the traditional CEO-business-as-usual, gospel-enterprise church structure among both clergy and laity."

3. It is claimed that there is an URGENCY and a CRISIS:

"The era of spectator Christianity is now ending because the urgency of our present cultural crisis in America and abroad simply won't permit it!. . . . The level of ungodliness in our culture is now triggering an alarm in the church. . . . Most leaders that I've spoken with agree that the crisis of our time requires swift action, but we must be careful to maintain our equilibrium as we accelerate the deconstruction of the American churchianity."

4. Genesis 1 is combined with theGreat Commission to create a new kingdom mandate:

". . . The implications of our first commission given to Adam in the Garden (Gen. 1:28), to reproduce and subdue the earth, was never revoked, only expanded and re-empowered by Christ. In Matthew 28:19, Jesus recommissioned each believer to evangelize and disciple the nations."

5. It is claimed that the cell church model is a house church, which is not TRUE. House churches are truly autonomous. Cell churches are part of a newly forming hierarchical structure that resembles Amway-style network marketing, relies upon sophisticated databanking and assessment procedures, and builds in extra-biblical levels of accountability. Note the careful choice of wording below:

". . . [T]he house-church movement is restoring the proper role of the man and woman of God as the primary reproducers of the Kingdom of God. That explains why the house-church and cell-church movements are where the sustainable growth is now occurring worldwide. They are in synchronization with God's stated goal of growing His Kingdom horizontally rather than vertically. The emphasis on relationship, covenant and accountability are the hallmarks of a healthy family both in the natural and the spiritual realm. "

6. There is a new psycho-social-spiritual rite of initiation being substituted for the process of sanctification:

"The process of coming to maturity requires: 1) a period of deliverance for the new believer, then 2) discipleship, including mentoring and apprenticeship, only then are we ready for 3) commissioning and deployment, being sent back into our confused and hurting culture.. . . . This growing army of delivered, discipled and deployed Christians are now prepared to become active participants in the cosmic battle for every area of God's terra-firma."

7. The new church structures rely heavily upon PEER PRESSURE, and utilize the team-building methods of psycho-social group dynamics:

"The rise of team ministry and plurality of leadership is already beginning to replace the "one-man-band" approach."

8. The Cell Church structure is not autonomous, but inextricably connected to a city-wide church apostolic structure, which is based on regional government models of a new world order:

"As leaders and congregations begin to discern their unity of purpose - to advance Christ's Kingdom - they will begin to discover one another. Periodic inter-church celebrations will be the forerunner of citywide corporate gatherings, concerts of prayer, praise and worship that will further unite God's army and rattle the gates of hell."

9. The city-wide model is inextricably connected with marketplace "transformation" dominionism:

"This dynamic is also growing among Christian businessmen and professionals who are awakening to the key role that God has given them in advancing God's Kingdom in the marketplace."

10. This model is inextricably linked to political dominionist agendas. In fact, there is evidence that the cell church model is linked to precinct models:

"Another indication is the growing number of grassroots Christian political leaders who feel called to mobilize the church to impact our society in the public policy arena."

11. This is brazenly being called "God's world order":

Don't worry about the so-called "New World Order," but rather focus on finding your place of service in God's world order. Rejoice! You are right in the middle of the action, but let's press on to the goal of finding our individual and corporate destiny. As sons and daughters of the Most High God who are called, equipped and empowered to model the superiority of Christ's Kingdom on earth,. . . " [all emphases in above quotations are added]

12. MORE. . .

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The Truth:

"When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy souls; Discertion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee: To deliver thee from the way of the evil man, from the man that speaketh forward things;" (Proverbs 2: 10-12)