Friday, January 13, 2006

Christian Imperialism: Update #8 African Formation

"Pastor Luke took us to each of the six classes. In each class, he asked the students the question: 'What is your purpose in life?' Their response: 'Our purpose in life is to dominate and subdue, for the purpose of transforming our community Soweto, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, and the whole world in the name of Jesus Christ.'"

Students in African classrooms are being indoctrinated in dominionist theology. This event took place in an elementary school in Soweto, a slum of Nairobi, Kenya, which was started by a pastor who wanted to use his church to "transform" Africa. He had been indoctrinated in the new theology by the dominionist leadership training ministries from the U.S. The above quotation can be found in two locations: and [emphasis added].

This activity in the schoolroom is glowingly reported on by Bob Moffitt, Founder and Director of Harvest Foundation, and author of the book If Jesus Were Mayor (Harvest Publishing, 2004). Moffitt commented,

"These children said that with such conviction that it made the hair on my arms stand up. Normally when you go into a poverty-stricken community like this one, children are poor and do not see themselves as having control over their future lives. But these children had a vision for the transformation of their community and of the world, for the sake of Jesus Christ. And you could tell by the way that they said it that they believed it. These children are incredibly rich in vision and in energy." [emphasis added]

Moffitt's book If Jesus Were Mayor is a treatise on how to implement dominionism in a local community. Promotional literature at the Harvest Foundation website [] describes it:

"Dr. Moffitt asks the readers of his new book to think about the possibility of Jesus being the mayor of their community. Elaborating on that supposition, he summarizes the ministry philosophy of Harvest and shares examples of churches around the world who have put these principles into action. In so doing, he challenges local churches everywhere to reconsider how they are meeting their biblically assigned role to serve in their communities."

In October 2004, Harvest Foundation issued a newsletter (Vol. 1, Iss. 2,) which chronicled this group's activities on the continent of Africa:

"On September 9-12, 2004, an event called the Africa Formation Group Meeting took place in Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose was to create an alliance for local church-based transformational training for the entire African continent.

"Those attending were the following: · Harvest US: Bob Moffitt and John Wood. · Africa Working Group (AWG): Chris Ampadu (Ghana); Demelash Lemma (Ethiopia); Simon Nziramakenga (Rwanda); Dennis Tongoi (Kenya); Buingo Mateene (Congo); Stephen Langa (Uganda) and Hein Van Wyck (Namibia). · Food for the Hungry International (FHI): Scott Allen and Darrow Miller. · World Evangelical Alliance (WEA): Gary Edmonds and J. Paul Fridenmaker. · More than a Mile Deep (MMD): Johan Boekhout (Netherlands); Andre Chitlango (Mozambique); Liphadzi Tshililo (South Africa). · Africa Evangelical Alliance (AEA): Daniel Bitrus and Stephen Mugabe. · Church of Christ in Congo: Sita Luemba. · International Sports Coalition: Cassie Carsten.

"A grand plan was developed during this meeting which will train trainers for all 58 countries on the African continent, beginning now and continuing through 2005. In January, a two-week training event for leaders from throughout Africa is planned to equip approximately 150 people to carry out conferences in all 58 countries. The event will consist of a large vision conference, followed by a week-long trainer-of-trainers session." [ ]

Moffit's "Report on the Africa Formation Group Meeting" held on Sept. 9-13.2004 reveals the strategy by which American mission groups are coalescing around a kingdom agenda for the purpose of exporting dominionism internationally. Some key excerpts follow:

"Executive Summary
"Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) encourages association among Christian organizations with the objective of awakening the church worldwide to the full intentions of Christ, and equipping the church to fulfill its purpose in God’s agenda for transformation.

"Recently, World Evangelical Alliance, which represents churches comprising approximately 300 million Christians in about 120 countries, became interested in partnering with DNA. The decision was made to initially focus on work in Africa, coming alongside our African brothers in Christ to teach, encourage, and mentor churches throughout the whole continent for fulfilling their role in God’s agenda.

"A meeting was held in Nairobi, Kenya, September 9-13 to explore with African Christian leaders with whom we have worked over the past several years how this might be most effectively accomplished. . . .

"One of the African leaders in our meeting has connection with Transformation Africa, an international prayer movement that gathers Christians in stadiums to pray for transformation. Transformation Africa is currently planning to hold national prayer events in all 58 countries of Africa and the Indian Ocean. We discussed a potential partnership with this group. As Transformation Africa gathers pastors for national prayer meetings in stadiums, we would provide training in biblical worldview and wholistic ministry, to equip local churches as agents of God’s transforming love at the local and national levels. [Ed note: see yesterday's Herescope for an explanation about how Transformation Africa was a precursor to the Global Day of Prayer.]

"If such a partnership could be developed, and the training we envision occurs at each event, the idea of transformation through the local church could literally explode throughout Africa." [emphases added]

The major players in this massive agenda to overhaul the belief system of Africans includes DNA, an ominously named group whose sole purpose is to further the dominionist agenda. [Ed note: DNA is not just an acronym. The dominionists are using this term generically to mean exporting kingdom theology "DNA" into church cell groups for the purpose of transformation and cellular replication in their model.] It is described in the "African Formation" report:

"DNA a Catalyst
"Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) was birthed in 2001 as an outgrowth of a partnership between Food for the Hungry and Harvest that began in 1997. DNA’s purpose is to encourage association among Christian organizations with the objective of awakening the church worldwide to the full intentions of Christ, and equipping the church to fulfill its purpose in God’s agenda. We show how God has appointed the church to be His primary agent for bringing transformation and restoration. We teach a biblical worldview and wholistic ministry—serving the needs of the whole person. We equip local churches to both proclaim and demonstrate the love of God, advocating and working for the rule of Christ in every sector of society. . . .

"DNA has served as a catalyst in Africa since we began working there in 1999. We are involved with African Christian leaders now, . . . The African leaders are in charge of the effort, but DNA will continue to assist in bringing local churches to a place of understanding and participation in God’s transformation and restoration agenda." [, emphasis added]

To underscore the domininionist indoctrination mandate that this DNA group serves, at one of its official websites the group's agenda is explained more fully. The group essentially teaches a "think globally, act locally" global transformation, by re-training local churches and pastors in the kingdom theology (what they call "worldview") and then exporting it to entire cities, regions and nations. Note below the emphasis on "spheres," which is discussed in the "Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism" article posted at the Discernment Ministries website:

"The vision of the Disciple Nations Alliance is to see engaged, credible, high-impact local churches, in critical mass, effecting real transformation in their communities and discipling their nations. Our mission is to launch and support movements of local churches around the world that are envisioned with a biblical worldview and equipped to practice a wholistic, incarnational ministry in all spheres of society. We accomplish this mission by advancing a specific set of ideas, or a “school of thought” rooted in the teachings of Darrow Miller and Robert Moffitt."

The Truth:

Dominionism is alarmingly pervasive. Today's Herescope post represents only the tip of a gigantic iceberg. Each link here, and each group named, could be more fully explored. Only a broad overview was presented so that one could see the vast interlocking network of parachurch organizations intent on restructuring the continent of Africa, and then on to the whole globe.

Each one of these ministries above is widely popular and very credible in the evangelical subculture of America. Each exists without controversy or question. No evangelical press covers their real purpose or agenda in Africa. No respected theological seminarians challenge the kingdom doctrine that these groups are re-training 3rd world pastors to believe and implement. No one inquires about the massive funding empire behind these groups.

"And Shaphan the scribe shewed the king, saying, Hilkiah the priest hath delivered me a book. And Shaphan read it before the king. And it came to pass, when the king had heard the words of the book of the law, that he rent his clothes." (2 Kings 22:10-11)