Friday, May 26, 2006

Yoism: Creating Heaven on Earth

Yoism, a topic introduced in yesterday's Herescope, bears a startling similarity to the bizarre new doctrines and teachings invented by the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). These teachings have been covered extensively on previous Herescope posts.

1. The idea that man can bring heaven down to earth.
2. The corollary idea that man can restore earth to its paradise condition, bypassing an Armaggedon or judgment scenario.
3. The belief that man, if unified or organized enough, can achieve absolutely anything he sets his mind to do (not unlike the Tower of Babel).
4. The idea that man joined together can synergistically cause spiritual changes on heaven and earth.
5. The idea that man is going to perfect himself on earth (spiritually and/or physically).

At one can read the following statement. Note the parallels between these Yoism teachings and those of the NAR:


"We can create Heaven on Earth.

"Rather than believing in realms of which we have no direct evidence, we stake our claim on the only world we all can know. The sacred form the world takes in our experience is the manifestation we call Reality.

"Despite the terribly troubled history of our species, we must acknowledge that we are also the most intelligent life forms we have encountered. Without minimizing the daunting obstacles that must be overcome, we also must not deny that our minds are capable of finding solutions to problems, of creating fantastic wonders and delights. Without denying the dangers of shared beliefs and ideals, we also know that passionately organized human activity can literally "move mountains."

"What if some of the many, many millions of individuals who are deeply troubled by the direction in which we are headed found a way to join their efforts, a way to turn their concerns into synergistic actions? What if a large and growing, organized segment of humanity were to focus on building a veritable paradise, right here, in the real world of our collective experience?

"All "what if's" aside; this we know for sure: Caring and working together with intelligence and commitment, there simply are no known limits to what the human community can achieve.

"With sustained effort, care, and intelligence, it is possible that Humanity will face Reality. It is possible to rise above the divisiveness of competing group identities, to recognize our common heritage and fate. It is time for us, for humanity, to face 'Childhood's End,' and to take the next great step in the development of our species." [All emphases added, except in first sentence.]

Yesterday's post mentioned the connection between Yoism and Hermeticism. The similarities between Yoism teachings above and NAR heresies is not coincidental or incidental. Discernment Ministries has done extensive research on the Latter Rain heresies and their originations, including the Gnosticism.

The idea that man can create heaven on earth arises from the occult. These ancient mystery religions taught that man could evolve into a superman, and should be aspiring to his own perfection towards becoming a god. They taught that man on earth can only perfect his nature by becoming god-like, his consciousness uniting with the heavenlies. This teaching is the gist of the New Age Movement.

Yesterday's post cited a connection between Yoism and the Emerging Church movement. The Emergent Church, as noted in earlier Herescope posts, often functions as the vanguard for the NAR by test-marketing new doctrines. Ironically, these leaders have been trained in sophisticated marketing technologies -- based upon western rationalism -- in order to sell the latest snake-oil concoction of eastern mysticism to a fad-driven church.

The Truth:

"Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger." (Isaiah 13:13)