Friday, June 16, 2006

Ron Roth and Inclusive Spirituality

In a recent investigation of the ministry of Ron Roth, I was asked to identify whether this man and his ministry would or could be considered Christian. While researching this man and his ministry it became apparent that he is an unabashed New Ager in its truest sense. He does not even pretend to be otherwise.

His website promotes inclusive spirituality (interfaith), which embraces all religions as being equal and good. He teaches that there is a common thread that runs through all religions connecting us to the Creator and that he can teach us to find that connection so that each of us can experience the Light, the Divine source, Creator, God or whatever name we wish to call this energy. Roth believes this all-powerful Divine Light does not care whether you are Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim or any other religion.

Roth is as far away from true Biblical Christianity as one can get. By reading his testimony, it is apparent that he is following another Jesus, another spirit and there seems to be little evidence of anything resembling the Gospel. He has had many spiritual experiences throughout his life beginning at the age of seven that have taken him on a journey deeper into New Age Spirituality and Occultism.

What is the New Age?

The New Age consists of individuals who, in the context of historical occultism, are in mystical contact with unseen sources and dimensions; receive guidance and direction from these dimensions, and who promote this state-of-being to the rest of humanity. (Ray Yungen, For Many Shall Come In My Name)

New Age thought teaches that “everything” is made up of energy. That energy is God, and therefore, all is God. Since we are all part of this God-energy, then we, too, are God.

The core of New Age teachings state that man is born with this innate power, a divine connection to a Divine Light or Higher Self. New Age teaches that we just need to discover this fact for and about ourselves and this will unveil our own divinity. The goal of the New Age Movement is to bring this concept to a reality in all humankind.

The essence of New Age teaching is built upon metaphysics – meta meaning above or beyond, and physical – the seen or material world; relating to that which exists or is real, but is unseen. Metaphysics is about the spiritual evolution of the soul; realizing that you are God. This is the basic tenet.

The goal of metaphysics: attuning oneself to “higher consciousness” thereby gaining access to higher spiritual realms. The most direct way to achieve this goal is through the practice of meditation. It is the basic activity and primary source of spiritual direction.

From a Biblical perspective, meditation involves a deep, continuous thinking about the Scriptures. But New Age meditation involves ridding oneself of all thought in order to still the mind causing a shift in consciousness.

The two most common methods of New Age meditation are breath exercises, focusing on the breath and mantras, a repeated word or phrase.

The core of meditation is to reach the “Higher Self.” This connects one to the “Divine Essence” of the Universe, the part of man that is God. This is the ultimate goal in meditation and has always been at the very heart of occultism.

Names for the Higher Self include but are not limited to: Oversoul, True Self, Real Self, Inner Self - Teacher, Guide, Light, Essence, Source, Healer, Wisdom – Soul-self, Christ Self, Divine Center, Divine Spark, Atman, Creative/Intuitive Self and the list could go on and on.

By meditating it is believed that one can tap into the Higher Self to gain guidance and direction from this source. This connection is known as: awakening, transformation, enlightenment, nirvana, satori, Self-realization, Cosmic or Christ consciousness, and finding the “Kingdom within.”

The following is a direct quote from Ron Roth's website at :

A Prayer Exercise for You

In ancient times prayer was actually a time for listening to the Divine Spirit. Out of that tradition you are invited to join us in creating a sacred space for yourself. You will begin by relaxing and breathing in a certain way so your focus is centered inward. The three breaths you are to take will be drawn in through your nose while thinking "I am." When you slowly exhale through your mouth, think "God breathed." Repeat this three times. Next you will turn your attention to the sacred writing on the screen. Let those words flow into and through to the center of your being, where they will be metabolized by the Holy Spirit and become part of your being. You will rest in that state of receptivity for 3 to 5 minutes where you will experience true prayer which is listening. When you come out of that state, give thanks to the Divine Spirit in any way that is comfortable for you. Peace, Shalom...Namaste.
[End of quote]

The practice described above is really centering prayer, a form of New Age contemplative prayer recently revived from ancient religious traditions for the purpose of connecting with the Inner Divine.

Dennis Hughes, the publisher for Share Guide (a Holistic Health magazine), conducted an "Interview with Ron Roth," and asked:

The Share Guide: Are you saying that the phrase "Energy Medicine" is really tied with the Holy Spirit, the original healing energy of God?

Ron: When you get an understanding of what a true authentic prayer means and is, it is an "energy prayer." It is not something we do; it is something the Spirit of God at the center of our being does. That divine connection keeps coming up from the spirit essence. So when you put prayer and spirit together and understand what they truly mean, you can define it as a tangible energy that people feel.

The Share Guide: Is this the same energy which in India is called prana or in the Orient called chi, the life essence?

Ron: Yes.
[complete interview at]

Again, from Ron Roth's website we read:

"People have called me a modern-day mystic, a healer or a miracle worker. Some have even called me crazy. All I know is that I have had incredibly powerful experiences with the Divine starting at age seven, then again when I was eleven, and many more while I was a Catholic priest.

"Over the last forty years, these connections to this amazing Stream of Light Energy have brought about hundreds and probably thousands of miracle healings. People have been healed physically, emotionally and mentally. Many have shared that they’ve had life changing experiences.

"I have come to realize -- no, to KNOW -- that everything our heart desires is possible when we can connect with the Light, the Divine source, Creator, God -- whatever name you wish to call this Presence. And this all-powerful Divine Light doesn’t care which religion, race, gender or sexual orientation you are.

"The secret that has been hidden from people for thousands of years is that everyone has the potential to tap into this Stream of Light energy. I have learned how to do that, and I can teach others to make that connection so that their lives are transformed from fear, worry and sickness to peace, love, abundance, wisdom, health and power" (

Concerning his "Celebrating Life Ministries," Ron Roth's website states that:

"Celebrating Life Ministries is an independent Catholic (Universal) gathering of people from all faiths and spiritual paths coming together in the Spirit of Oneness. We are a church without walls and without rigid dogmatic doctrines, living as one in the spirit of the great command: Love God, love yourself, love others.

"As a Divine healing ministry, we are guided by the Holy Spirit and open to all the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, especially the grace of healing not only the individual person, but also as caretakers of all God’s creation such as animals, the environment and the planet. Albeit, we are a Christ-based spiritual society open to the teachings of the Great Masters of other spiritual paths, as we see them all under the direction of One God.

"Our ceremonies and rituals are intermingled with devotions of other traditions such as Communion (Samadhi), Darshan, Smarana Deeksha and many more. We are all for one purpose: to release the Love and Spirit of the Living God for healing"

The Truth:

There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death. (Proverbs 14:12)

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons. (1Timothy 4:1)

Jesus said, “And ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh to the Father but by me.” (John 14:6)

This Herescope report was submitted by Steve Muse, Director
Eastern Regional Watch Ministries

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