Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Marshalling Christians for the Coming "Conflict"

Rick Joyner, whom we have quoted often on the Herescope blog because of his malignant and extreme dominionism, just issued an announcement that "THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS RIGHT NOW INVADING THE EARTH" (7/26/06) where he said that:

"The kingdoms of this world, the kingdoms of men, and the Kingdom of God, are on a collision course, and the conflict between them will steadily increase.…

"There is a Kingdom in the midst of the kingdoms of this earth, which will grow from a stone until it is a mountain or a government, and then it will keep growing until it covers the whole earth.…

"We tend to think of governments just in their political form, but spiritual governments are realms of power and influence. This includes entities such as the media, industries, economic institutions, educational institutions, etc.

"A Stone is coming to strike the systems of this world, and those who do not bow the knee to the King will be like chaff before the wind. It is now being determined who will be a part of the Stone, and who will be a part of the chaff.… [emphasis in original]

"How we choose today can help determine whether we will be a part of the Stone that will strike the feet of all of man's kingdoms, or the chaff.…"

This "kingdom" agenda comes with a new eschatology that teaches that the world's kingdoms must be overridden by "the Lord's" kingdom. A thorough read of Joyner's posting indicates that, just as troops are pumped up for battle by their commanders beforehand, these apostolic leaders are now pumping up their troops by promising them that if they want to be "true disciples--they lay down their own lives every day to do the will of the Lord. They do not live for themselves, but they live for Him." This quasi-religious military language, promising rewards and even martyrdom, is rampant throughout the New Apostolic Reformation.

In any other context, these words below from Rick Joyner would have to do with standing firm on biblical conviction and dying to self, meaning one's sin. However, in the context of Joyner's message, this is a message to die to human egoism and sacrfice all for the greater cause of building the "kingdom" of God on earth:

"Every day we are given the choice of whom we live for--ourselves or Him. Every day we can count on at least one opportunity to take up our own cross, to die to our own will or ambitions, to stand for His truth, and to serve Him instead of seeking to please men. How are we choosing? This is a primary factor that will determine which Kingdom we are a part of, and which Kingdom we will be standing with at the end." [emphasis in original]

Marshalling Christians for this coming "conflict" is given a hyper-spiritual connotation in Joyner's world. But he begins to put legs on this "conflict" with the references to taking over institutions such as "the media, industries, economic institutions, educational institutions, etc." How this might be accomplished may not be through open violence -- at least not yet -- but rather by the marketplace transformation movement which is being financed by the philanthropic "apostles." Some inklings for how this could occur can be found in yesterday's post and previous posts pertaining to this issue. The book cited in yesterday's post, Thy Will Be Done, reveals how easily the ideal to "advance the Kingdom of God" becomes mingled with corporate commercial "warfare" (p. 87-88), which in turn has the economic power to change governments and societies.

The Truth:

"They have seen vanity and lying divination, saying, The LORD saith: and the LORD hath not sent them: and they have made others to hope that they would confirm the word." (Ezekiel 13:6)