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Networking P.E.A.C.E. - Part 2

The Origins of Networking

"We're at a stage now of pulling it all together. It's a new religion called 'networking. . . ."
– Donald Keys*

“Networks and networking are the structures and processes through which the ideas and values come alive . . . inspired by a vision of a peaceful yet dynamic planet, an entirely new culture is emerging in our land. It is connected by casual, ever-changing links among millions of people . . . As short-lived, self-camouflaging, adisciplinary, crosshatches of activity, networks are invisible, unacountable (sic), and unpollable. . . Networks are stages on which dissonance is not only tolerated but encouraged, yet consensus is a common goal.”
[Networking: The First Report and Directory by Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps, cited in A Planned Deception (1985), Chapter 3, "Conscious Political Networking -- Then and Now," by Constance Cumbey, p. 25]

The previous post gave an overview of the particular style of network style of marketing that is being done to propel the Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan onto the world scene. The purpose-driven media campaign, as described by Greg Stielstra in his book PyroMarketing (HarperBusiness, 2005) was built upon the idea of marketing to “like-minded people clustered so that the heat of their excitement is easily shared” (p. 69). Stielstra explains:

“If you want your fire to grow, then you must create a positive heat balance by organizing customers and prospects into communities where they can renew their passion and interest by sharing heat with others.” (p. 70)

In this form of network marketing, networks are both discovered and created, and then maintained and renewed for future marketing purposes. It is possible to market concepts, ideas, lifestyles. . . . even new theologies.

But networking isn't just about marketing. It is much more than that. Networking was originally envisioned as a method of forging global transformation. As such, the networking concept isn’t a benign idea. It has dark origins, and devilish intents and purposes.

Marilyn Ferguson identified networks as "A TOOL OF TRANSFORMATION" in her pivotal book, The Aquarian Conspiracy (J.P. Tarcher, 1980), which "outed" occult Theosophy and helped to propel it into a full-blown New Age Movement. Ferguson identified "networking" as "a tool for the next step in human evolution" (p. 213). The rapid proliferation of networks was seized upon as a method to rapidly diffuse the esoteric ideas of this obscure Luciferian cult into the mainstream of American and global society. Note Ferguson’s description of how networking systems work:

"Anyone who discovers the rapid proliferation of networks and understands their strength can see the impetus for worldwide transformation. The network is the institution of our time: an open system, a dissipative structure so richly coherent that it is in constant flux, poised for reordering, capable of endless transformation." (p. 213)

“Networks are the strategy by which small groups can transform an entire society.” (p. 214)

“ . . . [T]he network is an alert, responsive form of social organization. Information moves in a nonlinear fashion, all at once, and in a meaningful way. . . .

“Whereas a conventional organization chart would show neatly linked boxes, the organization chart [of networking] . . . would look like ‘a badly knotted fishnet with a multitude of nodes of varying sizes, each linked to all the others, directly or indirectly.’” (p. 216)

“The Aquarian Conspiracy is, in effect . . . a network of many networks aimed at social transformation.” (p. 217)

This Luciferian networking schematic was sold to the American public as independent, decentralized, autonomous, liberating, evolutionary, enriching, empowering, etc. Networks were said to be spontaneous and loosely-connected “cells or nodes” in a giant fishnet (p. 216). However, it didn’t end there. The next step in networking was cooperation, and then after that a stage called “collaboration” – i.e., connecting these “cells or nodes” together. Note this quote from Ferguson:

“Synergy, the bonus of energy that results from cooperation in natural systems, is there for us, too.”

". . . Once you have seen the power inherent in human alignment, you cannot think about the future in old terms. This explosion of networks in the past five years has been like a conflagration in a fireworks factory. This spiraling linkage -- individuals with each other, groups with groups -- is like a great resistance movement, an underground in an occupied country on the eve of liberation." (p. 215)

But there is a critical omission in these 1980 remarks by Ferguson. This “human alignment” isn’t just horizontal or haphazard. It is also very vertical! The “cells or nodes” in the network, actually create a new form of hierarchy that is able to infiltrate, diffuse throughout, and actually conspire against traditional organizational boundaries. The vertical network looks like this:


Networking “cells or nodes” can be many layers deep, but there is a central power source which relies upon the computer for maintenance of the network -- and control. Those at the bottom may not even be aware of the top. They may only see the horizontal cooperation, or a few layers of collaboration.

In her book describing the Luciferian origins of the New Age Movement, A Planned Deception (1985), author Constance Cumbey discusses the significance of Duane Elgin’s call for “voluntary simplicity” – a concept which, by the way, has greatly permeated modern evangelicalism. She described Duane Elgin as “not just another ‘hippie’” and revealed his connection to the Stanford Research Institute in California, which was headed by Willis Harman, one of the leading futurist Luciferians. (Harman was discussed in Sept./Oct. 2005 Herescope posts because of his influence over leading evangelicals). Quoting from Elgin’s book Voluntary Simplicity, Cumbey described the “computerized networking process that characterizes the New Age Movement . . . [which is to be] the ultimate vehicle for the occultization of society.” Quoting Elgin:

“These ‘people networks’ will be greatly assisted in their work by micro-electronics and computer revolution . . . .”

“At the global level, these networks will be a potent tool for mobilizing grass roots public opinion around critical issues of concern to the entire human family, and promoting global social cohesion through overlapping networks of association that transcend nation-state boundaries. Furthermore, these global networks will begin to nurture a sense of species-identity or global social character.

“The emerging communications technologies, couples with the network form of social organization, offer the potential of allowing us to develop a level of social involvement and social cohesion, from local to global scale . . . .” (Elgin, Voluntary Simplicity [Bantam, 1981], quoted on p. 42, A Planned Deception)

To grasp the potentially destructive nature of this networking, the following quotes by Marilyn Ferguson underscore the original purpose:

“The Aquarian Conspiracy is using its widespread outposts of influence to focus on the dangerous myths and mystiques of the old paradigm [Christianity, ed.], to attack obsolete ideas and practices. The conspirators urge us to reclaim the power we long ago surrendered to custom and authority, . . .

“Now we can indeed find each other. . . . We can conspire against the old, deadly assumptions. We can live against them.” (The Aquarian Conspiracy, pp. 34-35)

This topic will be continued, Lord willing. . . .

The Truth:

“Ephraim, he hath mixed himself among the people.” (Hosea 7:8a)

*This statement made by Donald Keys at a “Toward a Global Society” symposium, Nov. 9-11,1984, Asheville, NC. Donald Keys, a founder of the Luciferian one-world organization Planetary Citizens delivered an address about “Transformation of Self and Society” at this “Light of the Mountain Forum.” This quote is cited in Dr. Dennis Cuddy’s book Secret Records Revealed (Hearthstone, 1999, p. 131)