Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Networking P.E.A.C.E. - Part 3

The Occult Roots of Networking

"We can turn this thing around but only if we learn to become a whole species by throwing away all the distinctions and calling together the troops.
"We can turn this thing around if we remember the future as a collaborative effort. We design our vision in conjunction with events and in cooperation with the needs and hopes of those near and far."

[Marilyn Ferguson, Aquarius NOW (Red Wheel, 2005), p. 190)

Networking was conceived of as a way to expedite human evolution and it was championed by the Luciferian Theosophists. This fact is well-documented throughout their literature, particularly in the many books written about the New Age or New World Order by leaders of this cult. These networking philosophies have rapidly become mainstream by being merged into various “scientific” disciplines such as sociology, psychology, marketing, and even medicine.

Marilyn Ferguson, in her book The Aquarian Conspiracy, which “outed” Theosophy (see previous post), devotes an entire chapter (Chapter 6: “Liberating Knowledge: News from the Frontiers of Science”) to explain the evolutionary beliefs behind networking systems theory. The basic premise is that mankind will evolve into a higher order species, and that man must facilitate and expedite his own evolution. This is accomplished by several mechanisms:

1. Developing altered states of consciousness such as meditation, visioning, etc. which opens the brain/mind to the occult.

2. Developing a “systems” worldview; i.e., viewing the entire world as one great organism.

3. Implementing networking and communal practices that are conducive to creating this one-world organism of mankind.

4. Changing the physical nature of man: “Evolution may be speeded up by certain genetic mechanisms. . . “ (p. 160)

5. Creating a one-world system of global governance with the promise of “peace on earth.”

Ferguson described the importance of networks in facilitating this evolutionary leap for mankind:

“The proliferating small groups and networks arising all over the world operate much like the coalitional networks in the human brain. Just as a few cells can set up a resonant effect in the brain, ordering the activity of the whole, these cooperating individuals can help create the coherence and order to crystallize a wider transformation.

“Movements, networks, and publications are gathering people around the world in common cause, trafficking in transformative ideas, spreading messages of hope without the sanction of any government. Transformation has no country. . . .

“To Aurelio Peccei, founder of the Club of Rome, such groups represent ‘the yeast of change . . . scattered, myriad spontaneous groups of people springing up here and there like antibodies in a sick organism.’ An organizer of a peace group remarked on his discovery of these networks and their sense of ‘imminent world transformation.’ Many brilliant, creative thinkers have affiliated internationally to help synthesize the intellectual support for an emergent vision for the planet. . . .” [Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy (J.P. Tarcher, 1980), pp. 409-410.]

Donald Keys expanded on this evolutionary networking idea in the mid-1980s at a time when most of the Luciferian Theosophist leaders were openly talking about global governance changes. At this time Keys had been a major player in the creation of a global government through various Luciferian organizations including Lucis Trust-World Goodwill, United World Federalists, Planetary Citizens, The International Center for Integrative Studies, the United Nations and many other global groups. Christian research expert in the Theosophical roots of the New Age, Constance Cumbey, documented Keys’ role in promoting Luciferian Theosophy in her book A Planned Deception (1985), particularly in Chapter 16: “Networking ‘The Global Vision.’” A quotation illustrating Keys’ evolutionary worldview about networking is presented below. (We caution the reader to skip this section if they are particularly sensitive to the occult.)

“Now I want to move on with the question of the changes in human consciousness. We have the difficulty of the co-existence on the physical plane of a large number of human beings at widely varying states of unfoldment. It makes for a very awkward and ungovernable world. We still have those who are escaping from their animal period of human growth. We have another very large section which is moving into a humanistic period, a period of disidentification with the individual self, and understanding the needs and well-being of others as counting in my life. And we have another, smaller group, whose focus is becoming transpersonal or, if you like, spiritual; or, if you like, all inclusive of the human state.

“Under the impulses which are now reaching earth and taking place within the crucible in which we are fixed, humanity is not suddenly, of course, going to become a race of adepts. We are subject to the laws of growth and unfoldment, but humans at each state of growth will be enabled to accelerate their progress to their appropriate next steps, and in the achievement of those next steps lies the hope of emergence and the hope of peace on the planet as the result of the interior process reflected outward in the world.

“We need a critical mass of integral and aligned people. There is a reciprocal requirement between wholeness of globe and wholeness of people. It was so beautifully stated earlier this morning that we are the cells, in this planetary entity, and we are becoming conscious of the relationship of the cellular part to the whole. This is the threshold of awareness we are now crossing. It is the necessary next philosophic step for humanity as a whole.” [Donald Keys, “Integral People for a Whole Planet, The Beacon, May/June 1985, Lucis (formerly Lucifer) Publishing Co.]

To be continued. . . Lord willing. . . .

The Truth:

“And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heave; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.” (Genesis 11:4)