Monday, October 13, 2008

Transformation of the Church

CDs are now available from the Transformation of the Church conference held this past weekend, October 10 & 11th, in Niles, Michigan. The conference covered a number of topics that are very current in the transformation of the church movement today.

  • Pastor Jeff Whittaker: His firsthand account of his personal experience attending the Emergent church leader Brian McLaren’s “Everything Must Change” conference.

Pastor Whittaker gives a lively and animated report of his personal experience attending Emergent church leader Brian McLaren's "Everything Must Change" conference in Goshen, Indiana. His entertaining and eye-opening report details the extent to which this movment has adopted the non-biblical practices and doctrines of earth-centered spirituality. Pastor Whittaker's written reports were posted on Herescope HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE earlier this summer. He updates the conference with information concerning the repercussions of his first reports.

  • Pastor Larry DeBruyn, a frequent contributor to Herescope over the past several months, delves into several controversial issues in the modern church.

Pastor DeBruyn examines the question: "Was Paul a Mystic?" He provides a helpful explanation of the key elements of the emerging mysticism that is permeating the evangelical world. His talk is, in part, based on his 4-part Herescope series that ran in May 2008 HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Pastor DeBruyn also covers the controversial topic of the new music in the churches in a session entitled "The Romancing of the Soul: Music and Mysticism." This is a must-hear session for those who are experiencing the divisive new music firsthand in their local churches. Pastor DeBruyn's background information is both startling and disturbing.

  • Dr. Martin Erdmann, a Senior Research Scientist and Bible professor, examines the historical and theological roots of Dominionism:
"The Rosicrucian Vision of a Transformed World" delves deeply into Medieval history and the ambition of alchemists and Hermetics to combine science with theology to create a paradise on earth.

"The Puritan View of Post-Millennialism" examines the historical roots of modern American Dominionism, and deals a devastating blow to modern Reconstructionism by conclusively linking key historical Reformed leaders to the Hermeticists and their esoteric doctrines.

"The Transhumanist Vision of a Transformed World" is a shocking report on the current efforts to blend science with spirituality for the purpose of creating a literal technological "New Breed" of man. The eschatological implications are staggering.

  • Jewel Grewe of Discernment Ministries reports on the New Breed movement in evangelical circles.

"The New Breed" is a doctrine that has gained prominence in the past several years in the New Apostolic Reformation. But it is also an old Latter Rain heresy. Jewel Grewe gives an eye-opening report on just how widespread this horrendous heresy has become, and how it is actually being applied to young people in the church today.

  • Sarah Leslie of the Discernment Research Group, provides a synopsis of the conference:
Describing her firsthand encounters with Dominion theology in political circles during the 1980s during the rise of the Christian Right when she was a right to life leader, Sarah Leslie explains the serious ramifications of holding to a Dominionist worldview, and explains the dialectic process going on between Right and Left Dominionists.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Pastor Larry DeBruyn has graciously permitted us to distribute Dr. Martin Erdmann's excellent "Expository Sermon on Romans 1:1-4," preached at the Franklin Road Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Sunday AM, October 12th.

CDs $5.00 each. Phone 765-583-4799. After November 1st call 903-567-6423. Credit cards accepted. Discernment Ministries, PO Box 2535, W. Lafayette, IN 47996.