Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mingling Becomes Entangled

"Eastern and Western occultism have mingled for at least two millennia. But what used to be a trickle has now become a flood. Even churches are welcoming the mysteries that secret societies and Taoist alchemists once hid so well.

"Westerners raised in a 'safe' Christian culture tend to discount the source of these powers. America, like Europe, has conveniently shut its eyes to occult realities that faded from sight with the spread of Christianity. Now those dark realities are returning with a vengeance." [emphasis added]

This quotation comes from Berit Kjos's recent "Pre-Halloween Warning" article -- "The Rising Darkness in Children's Games: Training kids to love evil more than good." Berit has observed that with the rising tide of mysticism and paganism within evangelicalism, there is "little or no help" for those entangled in occultism. She observes the disturbing trend that

"popular occultism is spreading fast, and the 'spirit world' has become increasingly more accessible.... But few families are equipped to resist it. Contemporary churches offer little or no help. Most simply ignore the danger or endorse the 'fun.' To avoid offense, the word evil is dropped from their vocabulary.

"The main victims of this blindness are children. Unless we teach them to recognize and resist these dangers, many will welcome the darkness."

Her article goes on to explain the popular game "Bakugan," and shows how it is an example of the progression into occult bondage:

"1. Commanding supernatural power through the imagination.
2. Craving more dark thrills -- while increasingly bored with actual reality.
3. Suffering the mental, emotional and spiritual consequences of trusting the occult."

Berit Kjos, a good friend of ours, has warned evangelical parents about the dangers of the occult embedded in children's toys, movies, curriculums, and games for well over twenty years now. She has also persistently warned parents about the dangers of letting their children participate in Halloween.

As the occult becomes more flagrantly exotic and enticing, the church is less and less able to stand and resist it. Sadly, the reason for this is given in the following Scripture: " latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons...." (1 Timothy 4:1).

The reader is encouraged to read Berit's entire article posted HERE.