Friday, October 23, 2009


UNSHACKLED: Breaking Away From Seductive Spirituality

Pastor Larry DeBruyn's new book reviews The Shack, Wm. Paul Young's bestselling spiritual allegory. But is much more than that! UNSHACKLED is a solid biblical refutation of the emerging heresies of the "quantum spirituality" movement. This movement is showing up both within the New Age/New Spirituality and also the Emerging/Emergent church (popularized by Leonard Sweet's book titled Quantum Spirituality).

Pastor DeBruyn's book offers something for everyone. For those who simply want to know more about The Shack, UNSHACKLED is a good source of basic information. This is the type of book that you can comfortably hand to your friends. It is short (only 116 pages) and has a beautifully designed book cover that will attract readers. UNSHACKLED is also a great book to give to your pastors and church leaders to read. It is scholarly and very well-written.

There is an awesome chapter in the book which is titled "From Cosmos, To Chaos, To Consciousness: Quantum Physics and the New Spirituality." This is a must read chapter for everyone who is a biblical believer today. This chapter is riveting, absolutely stunning in its scope. Pastor DeBruyn spent over six months working on this chapter, getting expert advice from friends who are scientists and theologians. This chapter is the coup de grace to quantum spirituality. The eschatological implications of the material presented in this chapter are immense and far-reaching. . . .

UNSHACKLED: Breaking Away From Seductive Spirituality is available from Discernment Ministries for a gift of $10.00 plus $2.50 for shipping. Orders can be placed by phoning: 903-567-6423. Bulk discounts are available. Book sales directly benefit "Eastern European Ministries," a very special mission project that is close to Pastor DeBruyn's heart.

Pastor Larry DeBruyn was a featured speaker at the Discerning the Times Conference held on October 9-10th. Contact Discernment Ministries for conference recordings: 903-567-6423. Presenters included the following members of the Discernment Research Group:
  • Pastor Larry DeBruyn - "Quantum Physics and the New Spirituality" & "On the Rocks in The Shack"
  • Dr. Martin Erdmann - "Perfectionism and Romanticism," "Perfectionism and Revivalism" & "Perfectionism and Postmillennialism"
  • Lynn Leslie - "Separating from the Emergent"
  • Pastor Jeffrey Whittaker - "Everything Must Change - Changes Everything"
  • Jewel Grewe - "Spirituality (Old & New)"
  • Sarah Leslie - "Manipulating the Sheep"