Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Website!

Announcing Pastor Larry DeBruyn's new website Guarding His Flock Ministries at

We are thrilled that Pastor Larry will have this new website to post all of his excellent writings! Be sure to bookmark it!

The new website's lead article this month is:


On the interface of faith, facts, and feelings in the Christian life.

Our society is passionate. We feel strongly about politics, religion and other issues. Frequently, I hear people state they are really “passionate” about this or that. For decades now, the sensate has come to dominate how in our culture people view life. People determine the validity of things not by whether they are right or wrong, but rather by whether it makes them feel good or bad about themselves. Joel Osteen makes people feel good about themselves. With his message of “hope and change,” Barack Obama did the same during his election campaign, and became President of the United States. This is the manner of contemporary culture, and I am concerned that it has also become the way of culturally driven Christians who have immersed themselves in the contemporary way of doing church. . . .

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