Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Aquarian Conspiracy in Medicine

The New Age Roots of Healthcare Reform

"Today, thirty years after The Aquarian Conspiracy was published, many of Marilyn Ferguson's forecasts for change have become social realities. Spurred by the student movement of the sixties, the New Age movement that followed, the educational transformation, and a controlled liberal media, America has indeed been changed by "people's conspiracy" blindly led by the media, schools, and "power elites."

"Most of the people simply drifted along. They didn't know what was happening or where they were headed. Even churches failed to notice or resist the rising hostility toward God's Truth and values...."

--Berit Kjos

Marilyn Ferguson, in her book that launched the New Age Movement publicly, The Aquarian Conspiracy, explained in great detail how the New Age transformation in healthcare would transition people over to the new esoteric worldview. She also spoke about education in the same way. Both education and healthcare reform would be a way to change people's worldviews, mindsets, ways of thinking, seeing, perceiving, feeling, believing. All of this transformation was part of a plan to actually shift over American public policy. She wrote:

"The new way of thinking about health and disease, with its message of hope and its charge of individual responsibility, is widely communicated by the Aquarian Conspiracy, as in a 1978 Washington conference, ‘Holistic Health: A Public Policy,’ co-sponsored by several government agencies and private organizations. Agencies from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare were represented. So was the White House staff. Insurance companies, prepaid health-plan organizations, and foundations sent representatives—in many cases, their top executive officers.

"Politicians, physicians, psychologists, traditional healers, spiritual teachers, researchers, futurists, sociologists, and health policymakers shared the platform. The assistant surgeon-general opened the conference; principal speakers included Jerome Frank on the placebo effect, California legislator John Vasconcellos, meditation teacher Jack Schwarz, Buckminster Fuller on human ecology." (p. 259-260, emphases added)

To read more of the fascinating historical documentation from The Aquarian Conspiracy detailing the New Age involvements in the actual transition of the American healthcare establishment and its government policy, see Part 5 of this ongoing series of articles by Berit Kjos and Sarah Leslie, posted HERE.

This supplemental material to the previous posts in this series underscores our growing concerns about Rick Warren's Daniel Plan for healthcare reform.

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