Friday, November 04, 2011

Dominion "Entering into a New Season"

Set to Rule Over the Environment & Weather

"The man-child company will have dominion of this planet first. Those who possess a house may decide who shall occupy it.  In the same manner, as a group from the church take up their authority and rulership of the planet that God gave them, they will likewise be able to choose who will occupy it.  Of course, the wicked who will not accept Jesus must have a showdown. This great showdown is whether or not they will accept the Gospel of the kingdom. If not, it will be a witness against them, by even bringing bout their own destruction...."

"...After the whole Gospel of the Kingdom is presented to the nations, the next matter that will confront the nations, is whether or not they will accept the message. The time must come about that they will be either (almost) forced to do so or if they will not do so, they will have to be moved out of the way by force."

The Fire of God is the Glory of Christ Jesus
Forerunners of FIRE are emerging now. The real and fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit with fire will soon spread to the corners of the earth bringing the manifest presence and power of God into view of all. It will bring great empowerment to the humble and sudden destruction to the pride and loftiness of man. The progressive transformation to the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven is now being clearly seen by God’s people. The gospel of the kingdom is restored and being widely proclaimed. The FIRE of the Spirit of Christ is coming upon Holy Spirit-indwelled people bringing God-empowered LIFE.[2]

Amidst the fascinating denials[3] of Dominionism going on from very diverse quarters[4] in the media and Internet, the evidence continues to mount that the leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation are anticipating a major "shift" to happen. Their prophets, such as Curt Landry, in TheElijahList (11/4/11) are prophesying and decreeing things like:

5772/2012 will be marked as a year of numerous catastrophic events throughout the world, from natural disasters, to financial distresses, wars and rumors of wars – everything that can and has been shaken will be shaken.[5]

To these false prophets, these planetary crises are just a sign that now is the time for them to take Dominion! Landry follows up this dire prediction with this claim:

However, there is good news! If the Church will hearken unto the Word of the Lord and remain true to His instruction, we will find ourselves witness to the greatest corporate awakening the Church has ever seen as she rises up into a season of unprecedented power and authority, assuming her rightful position in His Kingdom – the Kingdom of our God![6]

Landry predicts that with all of the "weather extremes" that are coming, that the church must learn to "take dominion over the atmosphere." He says that "we need to rise up and learn to pray and prophesy to the wind and the weather – to take dominion and authority over our own circumstances!"

Likewise, Wade E. Taylor, also published on TheElijahList on 10/29/11, writing on the "Keys to the Kingdom," says that the church needs

the "key" that will unlock the door of entrance into our having "Kingdom authority." It will enable us to have a part with the Lord in cleansing both the heavens and the earth, in preparation for the coming Millennial Kingdom....[7]

How do they intend to "cleanse" the planet? Employing some extreme allegorizing, Taylor says that in order for the church to "function in Kingdom authority" and "be qualified to rule others" that it needs to "slay all of the inhabitants of that land." What?! He spiritualizes this remark, but only partially because he then resumes his Dominionist call to "rule all nations":

The names of these nations can be related to "the works of the flesh." Thus, we also must first slay the "inhabitants" of our land (carnality) before we will be ready to partake of this promise: "we shall reign on the earth."

These "inhabitants" that must be slain are very busy manifesting themselves within us as these "works of the flesh." Thus, they must be utterly slain in order for us to become the "habitation of God" (priestly role), and begin to "rule all nations" (kingly role).

Taylor twists of Genesis 1 account that serves as the bedrock of all Dominionists theology. Note that Jesus didn't come to save the lost in this version of the story, He came to restore "lost dominion":

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve acted in disobedience by eating of the tree of knowledge (self). They forfeited the authority and dominion that had been given to them. Jesus faced this same testing in the wilderness when He became intensely hungry. He refused to turn stones into bread and eat at the word of satan, as Eve had done. As a result, Jesus regained this lost dominion.[9]

Part of regaining this lost dominion, according to Taylor, means that the church has been given "authority to rule over or to affect our environment"

...because we have been given the "key" that will unlock and release the enemy's grip on the governments that rule the nations. Our neighborhood, city, state, and nation should be affected by us as we exercise this authority.

...we have been given dominion, and there should be a present expression of the higher realm of authority that we will be given in "that day" to rule on the earth in order to establish the Millennial Kingdom of God.

In a recent article published by NAR critic Rachel Tabachnick, she reviews Franklin Hall's 1966 book Subdue the Earth, Rule the Nations, which we had previously noted in our Herescope post, "Who Invented Dominionism?" Her review explains how Hall taught that the overcoming church would have to subdue the earth and its environment:

Chapter I has the subtitle "It is absolutely God's will for his grown up fully developed saints to have authority over the elements"  and describes the need to subdue the earth and have "control and authority over all that the earth is, and stands for."  This includes control of gravity and teleportation.  But Hall states that first, before the "all-born-of-God man" can subdue the planet earth, he has to become "in control of his own earth flesh."  This is the reason for the extensive fasting. 

Hall also explains that the "Gospel of the Kingdom," which he describes as the "Gospel of signs, wonders, and miracles, has to be preached around the world before the nations can "come under the subjugation of the man child company."

According to Tabachnick, "Hall claimed that natural disasters were increasing as we approach the end times and also claims that the man-child company was gaining the ability to control the weather." She pulls some fascinating quotes from Hall's book to document his extreme beliefs about taking dominion over the planet -- beliefs which influenced modern-day leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation such as Bill Hamon, Lou Engle, Rick Joyner, Bob Jones and Mike Bickle. In fact, in Lou Engle's 1998 book Digging the Wells of Revival, he titled a chapter after Franklin Hall's book title "Atomic Power Through Prayer and Fasting." In this chapter Engle wrote a paragraph that is amazingly similar to Wade Taylor's version of Genesis 1 (cited above), and made the heretical claim that Jesus needed to conduct territorial spiritual warfare before He could be divine:

When Jesus was baptized by John, the heavens opened and the Dove descended upon Him. Immediately thereafter, that same Dove drove Him into the wilderness to fast for 40 days and to contend with the territorial strongman over the earth, satan himself. For 40 days, Jesus warred through prayer and fasting to reverse the curse of Adam and Eve and to overcome the devil and release atomic power into the earth. The results recorded in Luke show that history changed forever through the strength and victory the Lord gained by His obedience. Divine power was now His![12]

Despite the continual denials about Dominionism, the connections and links in Tabachnick's article are quite evident. The new shift in focus is on the environment, which is a particularly convenient "crisis" in the wake of many environmental disasters this year. One critic observed:

Shortly after C. Peter Wagner explained the benefits of Dominionism for society during the Generals International "Reformation Day" webcast, Cindy Jacobs took her own stab at re-framing the term, claiming that Dominionism only means that Christians are to take care of the Earth and thus even environmentalists would be considered Dominionists: [View Video] [13]

These "rule and subdue" ideals for "influencing" or "impacting" the planet, its environment,[14] its seven cultural mountains/spheres, its nations and its people remain the main objectives of Dominionists.

The Truth:

"And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?" (Matt. 16:3)

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