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101 Questions about "the Nephilim"

The New Prophetic Paradigm
Questions Regarding Genesis 6 and Matthew 24

Exhibit 1*

"Timothy, my own son in the faith . . .
I besought thee to abide still at Ephesus . . .
that thou mightest charge some that they teach no other doctrine,
Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies,
which minister questions,
rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do. "

1 Timothy 1:2-4, KJV (Emphasis added)

Below is an extensive list of questions compiled by members of the Discernment Research Group who have taken considerable time to research the rise in popularity of prophetic teachings involving “the Nephilim” among certain evangelicals, especially on the part of those who in the past have taught biblical prophecy from a dispensational and pre-tribulation rapture perspective. With the revival of interest in the antediluvian Nephilim and the role their emergence played in the spread of global corruption at the time of Noah (Compare Genesis 6:1-5 and Matthew 24:37-41), there has, in an attempt to relate these creatures to apocalyptic scenarios, arisen a corresponding reliance upon ancient and modern extra-biblical sources. These non-canonical sources include apocrypha and pseudepigraphical writings, pagan mythologies, astrology, signs and symbols of Freemasonry, UFO lore, quantum physics, science fiction, secret codes and symbols, etc.[1]  For the sake of identification, the inclusion of these heterodox sources to create prophetic scenarios might be called “the new prophetic paradigm.”

Yet this “new prophetic paradigm” raises questions. For example, what do the Scriptures by themselves communicate about the Nephilim? What do the Scriptures have to say about the issues raised by modern-day proponents of Nephilim theories? And in view of the “other” sources employed to create the new-prophetic scenarios, it must be asked, are the Scriptures in and by themselves no longer a sufficient guide to understand Bible prophecy (i.e., the Reformation doctrine of sola scriptura)?

Because these teachers have been esteemed for years by believers who adhere to biblical prophecy taught from a dispensational pre-millennial and pre-tribulation rapture perspective, we would note two things about the futuristic scenarios they are creating. First, many other solid Bible scholars and teachers and pastors are being influenced by this new prophetic paradigm which embraces both Scripture and mythology. And second, because these teachers are esteemed and have enjoyed the reputation of being reliable, it becomes difficult to question their prophetic presupposition—that when combined with Scripture, extra-biblical sources are reliable authenticators of the biblical text—without being derided as being divisive and unloving. So we recognize that the questions we raise may prove controversial. But nonetheless, they should be asked.

Teachings regarding the Nephilim have precedence in history. Yet we think it is time to take another look at this issue as it is currently manifesting itself. Quite possibly the reliable Bible scholars, teachers and pastors of the past never dreamed that contemporary interpretations regarding the Nephilim would leap to the extremes as they now appear to have leapt. Likewise, the Gap Theory has become a gaping chasm into which these “new prophetic paradigm” teachers are inserting their myths.[3] Our fear is that the camel of mythology has now stuck its nose in the prophetic tent, and given the camel's fascinating speculations, will wreck the whole tent of prophetic study from the pre-millennial and dispensational perspective. We think it’s time for some questions to be raised about the current Nephilim-prophetic construct.

So what does the Bible say in answer to the following questions that arise from the various contemporary versions regarding the Nephilim teachings? Some of these questions may seem startling, even shocking.[2] But we can attest to the fact that these questions arise from reading the scenarios of  “the new Nephilim-prophetic paradigm,”[4]  which in some instances is being sensationally promoted.


1.    Do angels/demons have a physical body?

2.    Can they manifest themselves in a physical body? Or are the entities still spirits? Or are they both?

3.    Does this body resemble man’s body in all ways?

4.    Are angels sexual beings? Do they possess procreative organs?

5.    If so, for what purpose do angels have sexual organs? Are they for recreation or procreation? Or both?

6.    If angels can procreate with humans, then can they procreate, even if asexually, among themselves? If not, why not?

7.    If angels possess the capacity to sexually reproduce with humans, does this pertain to all angels, or only the fallen angels?

8.    Is there a real threat of evil angels sexually forcing themselves on human females (against their will)? If so, does this include Christian women? Can women resist this rape? If so, how?

9.    If angels are sexual and are capable of reproducing offspring with human women, this would include Satan, right? If so, since he is the devil, is he able to produce a special class of hybrid with human females more powerful than the Nephilim supposedly produced by the “Watchers”? Would this include the Antichrist?

10. Will Antichrist be the literal, physical, genetic offspring of Satan? Does Satan have actual offspring today? If so, then what would make Antichrist’s demonic birth unique?

11. What motive is there for angels/demons/Satan to have sexual relations with human beings? Is it for physical or spiritual corruption—or both?

12. Can a human being have an altered state of consciousness in which they experience a sexual relationship with an angel/demon that seems real but is not literal? How can one tell the difference? Are angels/demons able to implant suggestive and potent imagery into human minds?

13. Isn’t this experience of becoming “one with the divine” through sexual euphoria mixed with drugs part of the diverse multicultural pagan rituals across thousands of years? But, if this is historically true in the pagan world, why don’t we have documented accounts of this spiritual/physical act producing hybrid offspring throughout the centuries?

14. Precisely how does an angel/demon manifest and perform sexual acts – is it literal physical or an illusion? Is it an act of demon obsession or possession which can alter the rational mind?

15. Are angels and/or demons space aliens? Transdimensional creatures? Are they able to move between multidimensional or parallel universes?

16. If so, does this include Nephilim hybrids? Do we have a hybrid class of mankind that is able to perform superior feats and interact between spiritual “planes” of existence?

17. Do space aliens have a physical body? Can space aliens be one and the same with angels and/or demons? Nephilim? Or are they a separate class of hyper-dimensional beings that can potentially interact with angels, demons and human beings?

18. Where is heaven? Where do angels, demons, and/or space aliens live and move?

19. Who do space aliens submit to for authority?

20. By embedding potent imagery, can space aliens affect the human mind? If so, how are they able to gain access to a man’s mind and soul?

21. Can space aliens rape human women, producing mutant offspring? How is this related to the Nephilim and the Watchers?

22. Do angels/demons and/or space aliens possess DNA?

23. If so, is their DNA compatible with human DNA?

24. Does their DNA match human DNA to the extent that it can create humanoid or hybrid offspring?

25. Can the hybrid DNA of Nephilim be used to resurrect dead tissue? Does Nephilim DNA possess a unique quality which can be manipulated by man to create evil life forms? Hybrid chimeras? Mutants? If so, where can one obtain a sample of Nephilim DNA?

26. Can the Watchers/space aliens use genetic material harvested from humans to create demonist creatures? Satanic super-soldiers? Mutant warriors?

27. If so, does this include the genetic/reproductive material of both human males and females? If both, then what sinister purpose could these creatures have for harvesting human sperm or eggs?

28. Is it conceivable that the Watchers’ DNA has the potential to corrupt the human gene pool and thus wipe out humanity? Or, create a race of soul-less creatures that cannot be redeemed by God?

29. Can Satan create man? Can he give life to man? Can he create human hybrids? Can he breathe nephesh (soul life) into these hybrid men?

30. Can Satan perform genetic engineering on mankind? If so, what is his motive? How can he manipulate genetic material?

31. If the Nephilim hybrids exist, do they possess a soul and spirit? Can they be redeemed?

32. If there are humanoid offspring of angels and mankind should they be considered subhuman? Can this offspring be redeemed?

33. When did the humanoid offspring of angels/demons and or space aliens with mankind first occur? What evidence is there of these offspring? Is there tangible physical and historical proof?

34. Is there currently humanoid (hybrid) offspring of angels (demons or space aliens) and mankind? Do they reside on earth? If so, where?

35. If these hybrids are here now, how does one assess someone to ascertain if they are a hybrid? By what measurements and criteria does one assess another human being to ensure their racial purity?

36. What should Christians do if they suspect someone of being a hybrid/Nephilim? Should there be an authority set up to monitor and assess human DNA?

37. Should these hybrids, if they exist, be exterminated? If so, what is the biblical rationale for doing this?

38. How does one assess a newborn baby or a child to see if they are hybrids?

39. Were the giants in the bible demonic hybrids? Or were they simply very large human beings?

40. Who are/were the “sons of God”? Are/were they angels, demons, space aliens, hybrids? Were they ancient mythological gods and demigods?

41. Are there still giants on earth? If so, where? Can it be documented?

42. If giants do exist, are they all products of the Nephilim gene/DNA? Is it possible to have human genetic anomalies (giantism) not related to the Nephilim hybrids? What negative implications might there be for persons living today with an extraordinary stature? Should tall people (like professional basketball players) be assessed for possession of Nephilim DNA?

43. Was Nimrod a fallen angel/human hybrid (a demonoid/Nephilim)? Could he have been a space alien? How do we know? What facts are there? How about Og of Bashan? Goliath? Were they fallen angels or human hybrids? If so, what facts are there to assert this?

44. What does one call the offspring of a human being who mated with an angel/demon/space alien? What is the proper term?

45. Are demons the same as fallen angels or are they distinctly different entities?

46. Are fallen angels (demons or space aliens) actually the Nephilim spirits that survived the Flood after the human part of the body died? If so, how can disembodied Nephilim survive the flood to later inhabit a human body or perform sexual acts to create hybrids? Can they live in another dimension? If so, how can it be proven?

47. Is this danger of disembodied Nephilim returning in the flesh precisely what Jesus warned about when he talked about the “days of Noah”? Are disembodied Nephilim space aliens?

48. If so, do they pose a special threat to humans different from that of fallen angels?

49. Did Jesus specifically warn about space aliens, giants, or other mutant or hybrid creatures returning to earth before His coming? If so, where?

50. If so, what did Jesus instruct His church to do about these Nephilim creatures?

51. What did Jesus tell His church to do with end time hybrid half-humans?

52. What did Jesus tell His church about how to precisely identify a Nephilim?

53. What should Christians do if they see a Nephilim? Should they be exterminated? If so, how is this done? Does it involve high tech warfare? Star wars?

54. Should one engage in spiritual warfare against them? If so, then specifically define and describe this special kind of spiritual warfare. Is it dangerous?

55. Is it our responsibility to take spiritual dominion over these creatures?

56. When did angels and Satan fall? Before Genesis 1:1? When mankind fell? Or in Genesis 6?

57. Where are angels, demons and Satan right now in the church age?

58. According to Scripture, what are they able to do?

59. What are they NOT able to do according to Scripture?

60. What are the “Watchers” according to Scripture? Are they angels, demons, hybrids, Nephilim, or space aliens? What are they? If they are angels, are they only good angels, only fallen angels, or both? Or something else?

61. If the Watchers are fallen angels, then what instructions did Christ give His church about how to deal with them? How can we know they are present?

62. Why should the end time church be concerned about the Watchers?

63. Are the Watchers in reality ancient pagan gods such as Apollo/Osiris who live and walk the earth?

64. Were these ancient pagan gods in cross-cultural mythological accounts genuinely human? Or, hybrids? Demigods? Or, space aliens from distant galaxies that came to earth to give us knowledge?

65. Are the returning Nephilim hoards a sign that Jesus will soon return?

66. Will the Antichrist and the False Prophet be the resurrection of beings of ancient Nephilim descent? Literally, will Antichrist be a DNA son of Satan? Will he be a reincarnation of ancient Nimrod (Apollyon)? Did Antichrist exist in ancient times?

67. Is the Antichrist a Nephilim? A Watcher? A space alien? A human hybrid? What about the False Prophet? How can this be ascertained? If so, what is the Christian response? What can we do? What should we do?

68. Is the current Pope the Antichrist or the False Prophet? How can one identify the Antichrist or False Prophet for sure? What are the biblical criteria for Antichrist? What are the biblical criteria for the False Prophet? Are there other outside reliable sources of information about the Antichrist or False Prophet beyond Scripture? Ancient records? Embedded symbols? Coded mysteries? If so, what are these messages and how can they be evaluated?

69. Can we rely on ancient mythology for information about Nimrod, Apollo, and other gods and goddesses? Can this give us insight into end times?

70. Can we glean truth from mythology and astrology that sheds light on Scripture? If so, how do we know it is the truth and not lies?

71. Can we incorporate apocryphal, pseudepigraphical, mythology, astrology, fable, folklore, science fiction and other sources into our understanding of end times?

72. How does one sort out what is truth from error from these apocryphal and occult sources? By what criteria can we judge the accuracy of these other accounts?

73. Which extra-biblical sources are reliable? Which are not? By what criteria is this determined? Should we make special allowances for incorporating these ancient pagan and apocryphal sources into what we know from Scripture because of a pending dire crisis in the end times such as a Nephilim invasion?

74. Is Freemasonry a reliable source of information about end times? Does it give us insight into the timetable for the Lord’s return?

75. Are there hidden secret codes embedded in the Bible that only very learned and trained men can decipher? Are these codes hidden until the last days?

76. Can we glean end time truth from hidden secret codes embedded in other literature, statues, works of art, ancient images, mythology, astrology, fairy tales, non-biblical prophecies, ancient markings and sacred sites, the Great Pyramid, UFO lore, quantum physics, and science fiction? If so, how can the truth be distinguished from error in these sources?

77. If truth is embedded in non-biblical sources, even hidden in codes that require familiarity with occult methods to unlock, where did Jesus or one of the biblical prophets instruct how to decipher these codes sequestered away in Scripture?

78. If ancient alien creatures (angels, demons or other) mated with human women how did that corrupt the bloodline of Noah? Of David? Of Christ? If the Messianic line was somehow genetically corrupted, was the protevangelium, the first gospel, rendered null and void (Genesis 3:15)? If so, did Jesus Christ really accomplish our redemption?

79. Was Noah the only uncorrupted bloodline genetically and is this why God saved him from the destruction of the flood? Did God destroy well-nigh all human life on earth after it had been corrupted by demonic DNA?

80. Were any of Noah’s sons carrying the corrupted bloodline? What about their wives? How can we know for sure? Are some people on earth today carrying in their bodies a corrupted genetic code? How can we know? And what should we do about it?

81. Is this genetic corruption the sin of “marrying and giving in marriage” that Christ warned about in Matthew 24:38? If so, how can one make sure that their spouse is genetically pure before marrying them? Should there be a marriage test to check DNA for Nephilim corruption?

82. Is cosmic warfare about to happen on Earth with space aliens and other creatures coming in the skies to do battle with earthlings? If so, how does Christ battle them? How does mankind battle them?

83. Are there space aliens, Nephilim and/or Watcher creatures coming to earth to give us guidance to bring about peace on earth and good-will toward all?

84. Do these coming creatures possess superior knowledge and intellect, advanced science and technology that will facilitate mankind into building the kingdom of God on earth? Should Christians cooperate with them?

85. Are these creatures telepathically transmitting helpful information to mankind by employing digital imagery or by mind-to-mind enlightenment that will assist certain adepts to discover hidden codes? Are they guiding humanity towards greater revelation? Do they have superior spiritual revelations and control mechanisms that will help mankind avoid catastrophe?

86. Is mankind on the verge of a great paradigm shift in reality, in which these space alien creatures will become manifest and begin to facilitate the events of the end? If so, what should be the response of Christians everywhere?

87. Do Christians need to revise their understanding of Scripture to incorporate in these new alternative future scenarios? Will this revision require a “new prophecy paradigm” shift?

88. Were the ancient Mayans correct in predicting a new cycle on earth in 2012?

89. Can we rely on ancient calendars and prophecies about the end times on earth? Do these contain accurate prophecies?

90. Is the year 2012 embedded in symbols, literature, mythology, and other ancient and modern records as a significant end time date? Is 2012 in the Bible? If so, where?

91. Are we living in a hyper-dimensional universe in which angels, demons and space creatures can pass back and forth between our four dimensions and alternate realities?

92. Is quantum physics showing us a path of alternate realities that explain Scripture? Should we be forming a new paradigm for interpreting Scripture that incorporates the scientific discoveries and hypotheses of quantum theorists?

93. In order to interact with celestial and extraterrestrial beings, is quantum physics showing us how to circumvent the space-time continuum? Can the dimensions of time, matter and space be altered?

94. Does quantum physics account for the hyper-dimensionality of the Nephilim and Watchers? Do they have superior abilities by which they can pass between dimensions of time and space? If so, is this innate to them or are they taught how to do this? If so, by whom and for what purpose? Can these abilities be passed on to the human race by inter-mating?

95. If Nephilim and/or Watchers have superior abilities to human beings, are these abilities explained by spiritual or physical attributes? Or both?

96. Are there higher races of mankind? Do these races possess human DNA and therefore have superior supernatural abilities? Does this give them power over normal humans (i.e., like Hitler)? Are they gods? Demi-gods? Should they be worshiped? Put in positions of power and leadership?

97. Therefore, do lower races of mankind exist who do not possess these superior supernatural abilities? Why not? Are these races inferior? What should happen to them?

98. How does one assess a superior or inferior race of mankind? Do some men possess extra insight, extrasensory perception, the ability to see beyond the five senses? If so, what is the significance of this? Are these super-humans here to show other humans “the way”?

99. Is Bigfoot a Nephilim? If he/it exists, what’s its/his DNA? Is he human or hybrid? Why is Bigfoot important in end time scenarios? Can he be redeemed?

100. Are crop circles evidence of space alien craft landing sites? Are these a significant phenomenon for Christians to understand? What do they tell us about the Nephilim? Watchers? Space aliens? Demons? Angels? End times? Return of Christ?

101. WHERE IS ALL OF THIS IN THE BIBLE? Using Scripture to interpret Scripture, how does one answer the speculative questions we have asked, questions which arise from reading and interacting with the sensational writings of the teachers of “the new prophetic paradigm”?

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine;
but wanting to have their ears tickled,
they will accumulate for themselves teachers
in accordance to their own desires;
and will turn away their ears from the truth,
and will turn aside to myths."

2 Timothy 4:3-4, NASB (Emphasis added)

1. In many prior articles on Herescope, the utilization of these outside sources has been extensively documented. See the list of articles included at the bottom of this post. See especially Pastor Larry DeBruyn's articles "'Babylon Rising' and Canon in Crisis: Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Fresh Revelations, and an 'Open' Canon," http://herescope.blogspot.com/2013/01/babylon-rising-and-canon-in-crisis.html  and  “Demons, Daughters and DNA,” Guarding His Flock Ministries; http://guardinghisflock.com/2011/06/22/demons-daughters-and-dna/ and http://herescope.blogspot.com/2011/06/demons-daughters-and-dna.html
2. The “new prophetic paradigm” writers borrow heavily from outside sources such as UFO lore. Once one enters the realm of UFO lore especially, some of the more extreme elements included in these questions become apparent.
3. See Pastor Larry DeBruyn's excellent article "The Gap Theory: A Review and Grammatical Critique: From Cosmos to Chaos, and Cosmos Again," posted on Herescope 2/22/13, http://herescope.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-gap-theory.html
4. If we had taken the time to exhaustively footnote the many sources from which these questions arose, it would have been overwhelming and literally run into the thousands. Rather, we refer the reader to our previous writings on these topics for starters (see list below) to familiarize themselves with the beliefs of the “new prophetic paradigm” and get an overview of their outside sources.

*Exhibit 1 comes from the back cover of Stephen Quayle's book Angels & Fallen Angels - Offspring of the Gods: the Sexual Corruption of the Human Race as depicted on Amazon.com:  http://www.amazon.com/Aliens-Fallen-Angels-Offspring-Corruption/dp/B0014ZYHJA/ref=pd_sim_b_4http://www.amazon.com/Aliens-Fallen-Angels-Offspring-Corruption/dp/B0014ZYHJA/ref=pd_sim_b_4 (front cover) and http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-media/product-gallery/B0014ZYHJA/ref=cm_ciu_pdp_images_1?ie=UTF8&index=1 (back cover). Quayle is among the leaders of the "new prophetic paradigm." For context see: HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

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