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Technocracy, Transhumanism, Mythology, & Hollywood

Discerning the Times
Quantum Mysticism Conference 2012

Dr. Martin Erdmann has just posted four more videos online. These are four of the talks presented at the Discerning the Times Quantum Mysticism Conference in Niles, Michigan in June 2012 organized by Discernment Ministries.

The first talk was Dr. Martin Erdmann, who spoke about the historical, philosophical, and religious background of the new spirituality: The New Spirituality and the New Science

Saint-Simon's utopian vision was a response to the social crises erupting in the wake of the industrial and political revolutions in France. Fundamentally, his writings represented an attempt to spell out a new European social order. Segal has outlined the main themes of the vision: Science and technology were "to solve major social as well as technical problems"; technical experts would be needed "to run society"; the "unenlightened masses" would have to be controlled "in order to effect these changes"; there would be a need to establish a new European hierarchy "based not on social origins" but on "natural talent and society's requirements"; and a "need to abandon mass democracy and, in turn, politics."

In the second talk Dr. Erdmann spoke about the historical, philosophical, and religious background of Transhumanism: Transhumanism, Illuminism, and Scientific Revolution

The goal of transforming humans into posthumans is based on two underlying assumptions: first, the essence of human identity is lodged exclusively in the mind, and second, the evolution of the mind is an open-ended and malleable process.

In the third talk Dr. Martin Erdmann spoke about the history of the rise of Technocracy: The Rise of Technocracy: Creating a Technetronic Era

Progressivism was, to a great extent, the culmination of the New Protestant political impulse, the urge to regulate every aspect of American life, economic and moral -- even the most intimate and crucial aspects of family life. But it was also a curious alliance of a technocratic drive for government regulation, the supposed expression of "value-free science," and the religious impulse of New Protestantism to save America -- and the world -- by state coercion. Often both religious and scientific arguments would be used, sometimes by the same people, to achieve the old goals of the crusading Protestants. Thus, prohibition would be argued for on religious as well as on alleged scientific or medicinal grounds. In many cases, leading progressive intellectuals at the turn of the twentieth century were former New Protestants, who went to college and then transferred to the political arena, their zeal for making over mankind, as a "salvation by science." And then the Social Gospel movement managed to combine political collectivism and liberal Christianity in the same package. All of these were strongly interwoven elements in the progressive movement.

In the fourth talk, Sarah H. Leslie spoke about the rise of pagan mythology and the 7 Mountains of Dominionism teachings in modern evangelicaldom, and showed exhibits illustrating the utilization of the propaganda resources of Hollywood to further these agendas: The Rise of Pagan Mythology

The NAR and their many evangelical associates are busy
building the Hollywood entertainment & movie mountain,
media tools by which they can more effectually propagate their aberrant eschatologies.
 "9 Realms" being described by the space alien god Thor in the Hollywood (Marvel Comics)
series movie Thor, based on the mythological Nordic god. 
Tim Keller's own Katherine Leary spoke at Os Hillman's 2008 conference
that launched the New Apostolic Reformation's 7 mountains movement.
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Os Hillman's e-mail June 10, 2007,  "Church in the Workplace Conference Info"
advertising the conference that launched the 7 mountains of dominionism.
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The text above states that when God told the Israelites to go into the Promised Land
that "He told them to divide the land into 7 parts.
They would also have to displace 7 enemies that currently resided in the Promised Land."
This interpretation is used to justify extreme Dominionism.
The source is the promotional material for the 2008 conference.
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