Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mainstreaming The Mystic 'Force' E-Book

E-Booklet now available!


Gaylene Goodroad, author of the 5-part Herescope series describing the Mystic Force, has turned her article series into an E-booklet, available online as a free download at her blog: http://mylifeintheway.blogspot.com

Goodroad's article series broke new ground in researching the mystical roots of the martial arts, documenting conclusively the connection to Yoga and the eastern religions.

Goodroad exhibits such expertise because she knows her subject firsthand from intensive life experiences. She wrote in her introduction to this topic that

My own martial arts journey would begin with Tae Kwon Do, and culminate with a brown belt in Okinawa Kenpo, and two second-degree black belts (nidan) in Shotokan and Aikido, respectively as I was moved through the various colored belt (obi) levels with a resolute and persevering dedication. I even became a karate sensei (teacher)—training several more karatekas “the way of the empty hand” (i.e., karate-do). My master instructor (shihan) at the time, as well as my fellow instructors affectionately called me “Sensei Ette”, as I was the only female karate instructor in the dojo at that time.... [Continue reading her testimony HERE.]

Goodroad's testimony is also available in her free online E-Booklet MY LIFE IN 'THE WAY' which can be downloaded at her website.

If you wish to read the original series MAINSTREAMING THE MYSTIC FORCE on Herescope, here are the links:

This online e-book launches a new project to begin posting our many lengthy article series online as downloadable free e-booklets. Prayers and support would be much appreciated.  
~The Discernment Research Group