Monday, October 17, 2016

The Rise of End-Time Occultism E-Book

E-Booklet now available!

The Rise of End-Time Occultism

We have turned another popular Herescope article series, The Rise of End-Time Occultism, into an E-Booklet, available online as a free download at Gaylene Goodroad's blog:

This book focuses on the rise of a new prophecy eschatology in the evangelical church world that looks NOT for "that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ." Many endtime prophecy teachers are switching their focus to an anticipated cosmic invasion of monstrous space alien creatures which some teach Christians must battle using spiritual warfare technologies. Many evangelicals are now believing in these dramatic endtime invasion conspiracy scenarios which are accompanied by salacious imagery and sensational hype. But is all of this biblical?

The Rise of End-Time Occultism E-book updates our original 2013 article series with additional documentation, and the addition of Part 8. Below are the chapters in this E-book:

For further research, see our post Spiritual Seduction and follow the many links at the bottom. 

This online e-book continues our new project to begin posting our many lengthy article series online as downloadable free e-booklets. Prayers and support would be much appreciated. See our previous online E-booklet: Mainstreaming The Mystic 'Force' .
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