Friday, April 26, 2019

Warren B. Smith on YouTube

Hear About the New Age Movement!

Warren Smith YouTube channel HERE

Recently we spent several days visiting in California with our longtime friend Warren Smith and his wife Joy. While there we were privileged to meet Chris Lawson of Spiritual Research Network, who is currently rebuilding his website. Chris has especially been working hard to compile Warren Smith's three decades of writing. He has also taken Warren's many conference talks and speaking engagements and is putting them up on YouTube:

Regular readers of this blog will be blessed and appreciate all of Chris's hard work. You can access Warren's YouTube channel HERE. Be sure to subscribe so you can get all of the latest updates.

For those who want to read the back story, Warren has published his testimony of coming out of the New Age Movement in his groundbreaking book The Light That Was Dark: From the New Age to Amazing Grace. His many other books and booklets can be accessed HERE.

Over the past fourteen years Warren B. Smith has been a frequent contributor to the Herescope blog, both in writing and research. He has authored many articles about the New Age Movement, and has also written about how it has been entering the evangelical church world.