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Gaia Goes to Church

The Revival of an Ancient Pagan Goddess

“...they are mad upon their idols.
(Jeremiah 50:38b)

Gaia goes to Hillsong, Christmas 2019[1]

“Gaia was the Earth goddess of the ancient Greeks....
Now, after thousands of years
of exile to the realm of myth and folklore,
the goddess has reappeared.”

“We are witnessing the emergence of a new metaphor
for the earth and our relationship to it:
that is, the picture of the planet as a self-organizing,
self-regulating and, to some degree,
a self-conscious entity.
Many refer to that entity as sacred,
and call it by the name of ‘Gaia’,
ancient Greek goddess of the earth.”

~Loren Wilkinson, Themelios, The Gospel Coalition, 1993[3]

By Sarah H. Leslie

A new morality is forming based on an old spirituality. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders described the environmental crisis as a “moral imperative” during a Democrat Party presidential debate. The recent Amazon Synod of Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church invoked Pachamama, a “Mother Earth” goddess, as Pope Francis considers adding a new sin, an “ecological sin.”[4]

Gaia, an ancient fertility goddess, has provided a spiritual metaphor for climate change since the late 1980s. Climate change is a scientific issue. Climate change has also always been a political issue. The first generation of open advocates for a New World Order seized upon the climate as a perfect crisis to revolutionize the world’s governance systems. So how could masses of population be persuaded to radically transform their lives? An ancient spiritual myth was revived – Gaia. Gaia could function as a generic goddess, adaptable to major world religions as a “metaphor,” a “framing story” that could impel people to sacrifice freedom for a higher purpose — a religious cause — to save Gaia, the earth re-conceived as a sacred deity:

“…climate change is cynically used by a certain section of people to justify their political goals of steering the West away from its way of life, a way they perceive to be evil and harmful, hetero-patriarchal, and capitalist. How? Appealing to the faith-based part of human brains,…”[6]

The earth-mother Gaia is a an ancient fertility goddess, what Scripture calls an “idol,” and her association with mystery religions has not been cloaked since the rise of the New Age Movement.

New Age promoting Gaia, circa 1990.[7]

Gaia's Grand Entry
Gaia has been trying to gain entry into the evangelical church for the past five decades. Gaia has employed a longterm strategy. We are now predicting her inevitable entrance with the rise of the Green New Deal and its mandate to revolutionize society. Gaia has a plan — for both a global spirituality and a new world order governance system. With Pope Francis leading the way for a revivified Gaia, we take note that evangelical scholars have a disturbing history of following his lead. Already there are ominous indications that they are headed that direction.

Several recent noteworthy events in the evangelical world give rise to our concern. This past month it was reported that Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) at Baylor University (Baptist) had attempted to invite Native American new age occultist, Kaitlin Curtice to preach to the students.” This climate change activist reportedly prayed to “Mother Mystery.”[8]

Wall Street Journal, Nov. 15, 2019[9]

Gaia also recently made a grand entrance through another doorway, this time in one of her related goddess guises, Ishtar,[10] “Queen of Heaven”! Previously Gaia’s images were considered too provocative for a church setting. But Hillsong broke down those barriers in their exotic Christmas 2019 concert.[17] (See exhibit at the top of this post.)

Gaia and her revolutionary religion first tried to gain access to evangelicals in the late 1970s, when a blueprint[13] was developed and a series of consultations on the future were held to promote her attendance. She didn’t fully succeed at that time. The only ones actively welcoming her were academic elites and mainline Protestant denominations. She came in with a “stewardship of the earth” mandate, reframing the early chapters of Genesis into a conservation of the earth’s resources, often barely disguised as Communism/Socialism.[14]

There was a movement to forge theological syntheses with Gaia’s tenets within the rarified air of theological academia. Through this door Gaia tried to come in again again circa 1990, but evangelical church doors mostly remained closed to her — in part due to warnings about the rising occultism of the New Age Movement. Gaia’s followers then attacked those early warning discerners.[15] At the same time there was a rise of the conservative Christian Right, and they weren’t too fond of Gaia’s political objectives. However, that didn’t stop Christianity Today from publishing a laudatory issue on January 11, 1993:

Gaia's Secular Activism
Gaia took on momentum in society circa 1990 and popular books promoted her particular brand of environmental activism. She easily walked through the door of public education, openly invited by education reform proponents. Gaia began inculcating young minds with her earth-centered doctrines. For this secular entryway to work she had to carefully recalibrate her sacred narrative. She presented herself as a “new story” based on the mythology of her origins but recast into a new paradigm for science. Scientific facts running contrary to her narrative had to be denied, deleted or selectively sorted. Young people would become indoctrinated with her new earth-centered morality mindset, a strategy that is beginning to pay off in our current era. The Green New Deal represents the climax of this generational indoctrination. Discerning researcher Berit Kjos covered this Gaia agenda extensively over the course of three decades (see her website:

Meanwhile the church was becaming more worldly, slowly coming around to Gaia’s way of thinking. As the church embraced New Age spirituality its sturdy doctrinal foundations became eroded. Other myths and fables were rapidly gaining entrance as spiritual metaphors, so why not include Gaia in the emerging evangelical pantheon? Evangelicals were rapidly undergoing structural, theological and spiritual “transformation.” The literal Genesis account that had been barricading the door to Gaia’s mythical version of creation was faltering. Gaia once again re-crafted her narrative as a peace-filled creation “stewardship of the earth” paradigm.[16] It sounds very utopian. Who could be against stewardship?

Gaia's Global Governance 
Through this moral mandate to save the earth Gaia inevitably exposed her political agenda – a very sinister strategy that is based on implementing an extreme form of dominion over the earth. As such this is Dominionism – but coming from the political Left.[17] You see, Gaia isn’t just a New Age goddess, she is a New World Order icon.[18] This can best be seen in the pivotal book The Gaia Peace Atlas, published in 1990 (Pan Books). Her plan includes extreme measures restricting freedoms, restructuring everyday life, redistributing global wealth, and implementing mandatory population control. Regardless of what one thinks of the climate crisis, the radical solutions proposed by Gaia’s adherents are totalitarian. Previously we wrote about the

emerging structure of global governance transcending the nation-state. The Gaia Peace Atlas (Pan Books, 1988) contains a vivid picture of future governance models on pp 238-9, stating that in the future, “hierarchical, centralized ‘authority’ will give way to a network of interlocking levels of governance.” The title of the book is a reference to James Lovelock’s “Gaia Hypothesis,” in which he refers to the Earth in terms of this Greek goddess, and humanity as both an organism and a deity. The Gaia Peace Atlas claims that “recognizing this truth [about Gaia] is fundamental to peace.” (p. 10) And it vividly portrays a yin/yang symbol embedded within a human skull on page 164-5 [see exhibit], saying that “Tao, or harmony, is established and peace returns” when people replace “discord and dis-ease with harmony and health.” [Dis-ease and health are not defined, ed.][19]

The extent to which Gaia’s morality leaven has infiltrated and permeated the evangelical church world already, especially via her progressive advocacy and “social justice,”[20] is a matter of grave concern. There are Green Dominionists who have already cloaked their agenda in these terms.

It is important to know what she represents. Gaia today is still employing the same formula that worked so effectually for her in the past. Below is a summary of her history and objectives.

Gaia Goes to School
We first encountered Gaia when she went to school in Iowa in 1992 when my friends Marla Quenzer and Karen Kurth attended an education reform conference at which Gaia’s program for indoctrinating school children was launched.[21] The following account is excerpted from a 1992 article by Karen Kurth (see exhibit above) titled “What on Earth is Gaia?”
“…The book Dharma Gaia defines Gaia to be the ancient Greek name for the Goddess of the Earth; the Earth as a sentient being. Sentient is defined as a being or person that has the faculty of perception. When you put this together, it means that the Earth is a living being, capable of making decisions.

“The modern Gaia has become more than a religious or spiritual idea. Gaia is now also the name of an increasingly powerful and influential scientific theory.

“The first time I encountered this aspect of Gaia was at a conference called ‘Iowa to Iowans… Defining World Class Education” during a workshop entitled “Global Education: Reaching for Common Vision” presented by Dr. Cordell Svengalis, an employee of the Iowa Department of Education. His presentation included an overhead slide of “Earth: The Old Story: Conventional Wisdom” and another slide “Earth: The New Story: Transformation.”[22] There appeared on the second slide the word “Gaia.” Here I heard “Gaia” referenced as both an entity and a deity.

“Dr. Svengalis also had in his possession a manual entitled Catalog of Global Education Classroom Activities, Lesson Plans and Resources…. I obtained a copy of it along with A Guide for Integrating Global Education Across the Curriculum from the Iowa Department of Education.” 

Gaia's Mandatory Curriculum
The contents of the Iowa global education curriculum was described in the Herescope post titled “Big Bad Cows and Cars.” This mandate required classroom teachers “integrate and infuse” global education across the entire curriculum – thus ensuring that parents could not “opt out” their children. At this time in Iowa homeschoolers were persecuted so this wasn't an option either.

In order to silence citizen opposition, the Iowa Department of Education garnered support for the project in advance, bringing in major Iowa newspaper media and prominent business community as “stakeholders.” In this way the press was controlled and the financial incentives were put in motion. Those citizens who opposed this measure were branded as a “handful of radical extremists.” This same strategy has been employed in the church world — 1) mix up Gaia’s religion with Christianity, 2) engage prominent church leaders, scholars and media to sign on to the synthesis, and 3) denigrate any opposition.

Gaia came into schools via a curriculum, but the suggested resources indicated a more radical New World Order governance agenda. Karen noted:

“Listed in the Bibliography of this Guide was a book called The Gaia Peace Atlas. It was recommended as an excellent source of general background information. The Gaia Peace Atlas calls us the people of Gaia and contains James Lovelock’s definition of Gaia. Several more references occurred in the original versions of these Department of Education documents, including classroom activities for children that utilized James Lovelock’s pseudo-scientific, religious ‘Gaia Hypothesis’. Who is James Lovelock, and what is this curious Gaia Hypothesis?” 
James Lovelock with his Gaia statue[23]

Gaia & Lovelock
Karen recounts that Lovelock was “an independent scientist” and a professor. He had notable credentials, including he was “Fellow of the Royal Society” and had “worked on the NASA Space Program.” Significantly, he was “a Fellow of the Lindisfarne Association, which is a New Age group headquartered at St. John the Divine Episcopal Cathedral in New York City.” He had authored books about Gaia “as well as numerous articles for magazine and scientific publications.” Karen records that in the meadow next to his laboratory in England “there looms conspicuously a marble statue of Gaia herself, Greek goddess of the Earth.” Thus, despite his protestations that he was working on a scientific hypothesis, he maintained an actual idol in his backyard. Karen continued:

“James Lovelock is the single person most responsible for Gaia’s current resurgence. Lovelock and Lynn Margulis share the origin of the Gaia Hypothesis which postulates that the physical and chemical condition of the Earth, of the atmosphere and of the oceans has been and is actively made fit and comfortable by the presence of life itself. This is in contrast to the conventional evolutionary dogma which holds that life adapted to the planetary conditions as they evolved their separate ways.

“In Lovelock’s 1972 article, “Gaia As Seen Through the Atmosphere,” he reintroduced the ancient goddess, giving her new meaning as well as life. His article revealed his desire to revive “…the older Earth as a very large living creature, Gaia, several giga-years old, who has molded the surface, the oceans, and their air to suit her and for the very brief time we have been part of her, our needs.” 

Gaia's Pseudo-Science vs. Science
The significance of this shift in perception of the planet would rapidly take over certain segments of the scientific world. It became difficult to distinguish actual factual truth from the rhetoric, spin, hype, misused statistics, frauds, etc. Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis has always been just that — a hypothesis— and not a matter of scientifically proven fact. As a hypothesis it began as a brazen attempt to integrate spirituality with science. Lovelock asserted that the planet itself was “alive, the largest of living systems.” Karen wrote,

“Lovelock’s new Gaia, now dressed in the fashionable garb of scientific formulation, seeks to again have us believe that our planet Earth is a living creature—as the ancient Greeks believed. It is no longer just a mass of rock, water and air providing a home for billions of individual forms of life. Instead, the planet and all life upon it are to be understood as a single, interconnected whole: a living, breathing, and thinking organism.”

“The idea of a Gaian Mind was central to Lovelock’s original Gaia Hypothesis as presented in his first book, Gaia: A New Look At Life On Earth. Supposedly, Lovelock came to believe in the existence of a “Gaian mind” after many years of intense scientific research. However, the idea bears startling resemblance to the concept of ‘noosphere’ postulated by the de-frocked Jesuit, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, whose writings about the ultimate evolution of man to a higher consciousness have had significant impact on the New Agers.

“The mind of Gaia was the intelligence and consciousness that directed and controlled the entirety of the Earth’s geophysical and biological processes. Dr. Lovelock makes no apologies for what his scientific colleagues consider ‘mystical’, ‘teleological’, and ‘unscientific’ thinking. In the preface to his first book, Lovelock concedes that his theory… ‘like a religious belief, is scientifically untestable and therefore incapable in its own context of further rationalizations.’” 

The unscientific nature of Lovelock’s spiritual hypothesis lent itself perfectly to the rise of postmodern thinking in academia. The mystical New Agers, already steeped in Hinduism and Buddhism, glommed onto Lovelock as an explanation for all planetary woes. Mankind was in crisis which would necessitate radical political and spiritual revolution. Biblical eschatology quite obviously needed to be re-written, compromised, and altered in significant ways to shift evangelicals over to a Gaia-compatible worldview of an impending planetary environmental apocalypse.[24]

Lovelock wrote The Ages of Gaia in 1987, mainly in response to the criticisms of the scientific community at the time. Karen noted,

“From then on, for the Gaia Hypothesis to gain credibility it was necessary to eliminate any implications of purpose or intelligence behind the creation of our planet. Gaia’s guiding intelligence, a prevalent theme in his first book, is replaced by mathematical formulas and computer simulated models. The guiding intelligence formerly ascribed to the Gaian mind was not explicable by purely random and ‘natural’ processes. This new ‘Gaian model’ gained Lovelock and his theory the approval of a larger sector of the scientific community.”

After a major conference of the American Geophysical Union in March of 1988, the new Gaia that emerged was highlighted in an article in Science Magazine (4/22/88) titled “No Longer Willfull, Gaia Becomes Respectable.” Karen reported that “the article concluded that the old Gaia (now called the strong version of the Gaia Hypothesis) is now ‘dead’ and a new and more powerful Gaia has arisen in her stead.”

Note how Gaia reinvented herself by adopting a more sophisticated scientific persona. After this “a flurry of scientific reports grounded in Gaia theory and spurred on by real and supposed environmental crises immediately inundated the scientific literature.”

Exhibit: The Gaia Peace Atlas (Pan, 1990), p. 170

“God and Gaia”
But Gaia couldn’t let things rest there. She had to enter the church. Maintaining a spiritual image was essential. Sensual imagination, visual imagery, mythology and superstition needed to replace biblical doctrine. Karen reported that the last chapter of Lovelock’s book The Ages of Gaia is titled “God and Gaia.” Incredibly, Lovelock “begins by describing his childhood religious experiences which included witches, May trees, views expressed by Quakers and conditioning about the power of the occult.” This sounds quite Wiccan.

Like other Wiccans, “Lovelock believes that orthodox Christianity… is a distortion of the purest form of religious truth. To recover our true spiritual nature, Lovelock believes we need to return to the ancient forms of goddess and Earth spirituality—we must immediately return to the worship of the Earth goddess if we are to save ourselves from destruction.”

Considering the prior opposition of the evangelical church, a significant stumbling block to an acceptance of the Gaia Hypothesis has always been holding to the literal doctrine of Creation as biblical Truth. To this point Karen observed,
“Lovelock’s underlying assumption… is that our world could not have been created through the act of an infinitely intelligent and loving God…. A God who is both creator and sustainer of the Earth is completely foreign to Lovelock’s way of thinking. He rejects the God of the Bible and fills the resulting void with Gaia who then becomes the creative, guiding and healing force behind our world and the cornerstone of our existence.” 

Underscoring Lovelock’s heretical spirituality, in an issue of Orion Nature Quarterly, he ominously stated “Gaia is immortal. She is surely a virgin. She does not need to reproduce herself as she is immortal. She is certainly the mother of us all, including Jesus… Gaia is not a tolerant mother. She is rigid and inflexible, ruthless in the destruction of whoever transgresses. Her unconscious objective is that of maintaining a world adapted to life. If we men hinder this objective we will be eliminated without pity.”

The United Nations advocacy of Gaia.[25]

Gaia: A New World Order Goddess
Already, by 1992, the New Age Movement was “quickly incorporating Gaia worship into its system of spiritual beliefs and practices. The feminist and ecologically-based spiritualities, which include witchcraft, goddess worship, eco-feminism, paganism and other Earth worship groups have all become strong supporters of the mystical, quasi-religious Gaia. Earth spirituality… is quickly becoming equated with Gaia worship.” How could Christianity become integrated with Gaia's morality? Karen wrote that

“James Morton is the Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and is a member of the New Age group Lindisfarne. He states that ‘Gaia is a great organizing principle for bringing people into religious experience, though perhaps not always to Christianity.’” This is why Gaia needed to start working on changing Christianity, turning it more towards the New Age so that it could more readily incorporate her tenets.

“Morton concludes that ‘the living Earth principle gives us strong images and metaphors that require an inclusive way of understanding, a religious way of comprehending the greater whole. After all, the word “religion” does mean, at its roots, to knit together. Not at all unlike the Gaian idea of global interdependence: environment and organisms knit together as one. In this way Gaia may prove less a set of specific beliefs than a way to reincorporate faith into daily life.’” 

The Pope celebrating Gaia.
Note the Pachamama fertility goddess icon lower left.[26]

Christianity itself needed to be reinvented. It needed to transform itself by integrating and infusing occult mysticism to corrupt the plain Gospel message of salvation. It needed to become desensitized to discerning pagan spirituality. It needed to embrace God as a female deity.

The Truth:
Karen concluded her report on her research into Gaia with the following astute observation:
“Now is the opportune moment for a planetary faith that proclaims the Earth to be divine. Devotees of Gaia have deserted the biblical mandate of being the Earth’s stewards and overseeing the created order. In exchange they have accepted servitude under the rule of nature’s wiles. Gaians are equal with the ant and so can join the ant in being washed away by the millions should Gaia’s mood turn fretful.

“If Gaia worship becomes a recognized religion it could fit handily into a centralized international order. By definition, it is collectivist and anti-individual. It is generically spiritual and compulsively environmental, at best. At worst, it is a perversion of sound scientific study and a blatant propaganda machine for the environmental doomsayers.” 
Berit Kjos' 1992 book warning about Mother Earth
is now online HERE.

“And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?
for ye are the temple of the living God;
as God hath said, I will dwell in them,
and walk in them;
and I will be their God,
and they shall be my people.
Wherefore come out from among them,
and be ye separate, saith the Lord,
and touch not the unclean thing
and I will receive you,”

(2 Corinthians 6:16-17) 

“I am the LORD thy God,
which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt,
out of the house of bondage.
Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image,
or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above,
or that is in the earth beneath,
or that is in the water under the earth:
Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them,
nor serve them:

(Exodus 20:2-5a) 

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